Cramping with Endometrin

I have a question for everyone- what types of cramping with endometrin do you have? I wonder if mine is normal...
As soon as I start, I have sore breasts, and swelling (DH loves that), but soon after the swelling and pain goes down in my breasts. About a week before my 2WW is up I have cramps that feel like period cramps. My lower back and each side on the front also. The nurse told me that the endometrin can cause this cramping, but I think it's period pains.
Can I still get period pains with endometrin, or is it the endometrin that causes the cramping?
I always just figure it's my period and I'm more prepared for the bad news, but then I'm depressed the whole time leading up to it.
Can anyone give me some advice or their experiences with endometrin?
P.S. this drug sucks, like I want to do that 3 times a day!
Thanks All!

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I don't have much advice because this is the first cycle that I've been on Endometrin. All I have to say is that I'm totally balloon-like (not good feeling like that going into Christmas dinner). I feel some twingy feelings, but not really cramping, but I think it can cause all of that. I do remember being on Crinone and believe it or not, Endometrin is much better on all counts.

Good luck!

-Jen J.

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Brooke - I'm on my second IUI cycle with endometrin (I used prometrium on 2 prior cycles). I find that I have mild cramping in my lower abdomen - strangely it seems to come on in the early afternoon and in the middle of the night. It's a dull cramping that does feel like menstrual cramping. I had severe cramping with prometrium - even once when I actually did end up pregnant (then had a miscarriage several weeks later)...abdominal cramping is definitely listed as a side effect of endometrin - but unfortunately, I don't think you can predict whether the cramping is *just* due to the medication - or because your period is looming - but on the bright side, I don't think the cramping necessarily means your period is definitely about to arrive. As with all our 2ww, all we can do is hope for the best (but cushion ourselves for the disappointment). Good luck!

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