Birth Control Pills to start IVF treatment??

So, this is my first round of trying IVF, though it seems I will not be going through it now this month as I expected. I am 39 and have a high FSH - 15. My doctor put me on the birth control pills for about 17 days, then I got my period. Then I started shots - first Gonal F and Repronex which apparently didn't do anything. So she switched me to six days of Follistim and Lupron. I got my blood test results today - estradiol 19!! She told me we would have to just stop, let me get a natural period and then start again next month. She says she thinks maybe the birth control pill suppressed the shots from working as sometimes this happens in the "older" patients. Why did she put me on them in the first place? Has anyone else had the experience of the drugs not doing anything to them at all??

Thanks for your thoughts. This is a pretty big bummer.

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I can't speak specifically to your experience, but I can say that I'm about to do IVF with an estrogen priming protocol, which doesn't require birth control pills, to avoid what you're saying happened to you (or something similar). I'm 35 but have very low ovarian reserve (so as if I am older). Perhaps estrogen priming is an option?

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I was put on BCP also before IVF

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Thanks Ladies - and crissy - did the meds work for you after BCP? Jane - I will look into the estrogen priming option - thanks.

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Hi Ali39 - so sorry to hear your cycle had to be canceled. I'm sending good thoughts your way that the next one will be successful for you.

I'm a little puzzled because I think you posted a question about your doctor instructing you to mix Follistim and inject it into the muscle in your butt -- that seems old-fashioned. Nowadays it comes pre-mixed and you inject it with a pen. Now to hear about this... I don't know. I guess I would encourage you to seak another opinion. If you're comfortable with your doctor and your clinic has good success rates you're probably OK but I would definitely do some checking into the clinic you're at. This is a stressful and expensive process, so you want to make sure you get the best treatment.

You can look at this link that someone here shared which explains how to read the reported success rate data: s-rate-data.html

Feel free to post any questions/concerns to this list. I've found everyone here to be incredibly helpful.

-- N.

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Hello - For me each time IVF started with BCP. All my numbers are good but my amh is .5
When we did IVF I did not respond very well. They said it is because my eggs are old.
Wishing you buckets of babydust ~ K

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Wow...that sucks that you have to cancel your cycle! I've been on birth control for 3 cycles (and responded ok with the meds) but am doing another cycle now without birth control (I am going to a new doctor). Some doctors use birth control for every cycle no matter what because they need to time everyone's cycles so they know when they'll be doing retrievals and transfers. From what I've read, it really has more to do with the doctor's schedule than anything else, unless you have a very irregular cycle.
The doctor that I'm going to now said that sometimes, birth control can lower the amount of eggs that are produced. I had never heard that before but he thinks that that might be causing me to only produce 12 eggs (that was the most but only 8 fertilized), and 8 eggs the other 2 cycles.
I agree with what someone else said about getting a second opinion. I really wish that I had gone and gotten a second opinion sooner. I really liked my first doctor and really trusted him but having another set of eyes looking at my charts was really helpful. I'm just starting my 4th cycle, my first with my new doctor, so I'm not sure that we'll be more successful with him but we'll see.

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My first IVF, I was oversuppressed on lurpon and BCPs. My next, I did estrogen priming / antagonist (no lupron or BCPs) and had a MUCH better response!

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I just started my first IVF with BCP this week, I'm 38 and anxious about this whole thing...I wish you the best!

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I was 38 when I did my first IVF cycle and I had a similar situation. I was put on BCP and oversuppressed. I completed the cycle with marginal labs but it didn't work. For my 2nd cycle I also took BCP, but did the antagonist protocol. That did the trick - I responded to the meds better and it worked - I have 2 beautiful babies to show for it!

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It's all very interesting information. It's upsetting to think that the only reason for the BCP is so you can work into the doctor's IVF schedule, especially if they work against you. Suzie, I wouldn't worry about it - clearly it doesn't have the same effect on everybody.

I really do appreciate everyone's support. And I have checked out my doctor on SART - she's got great rates and is the only local infertility doctor in my area.

I run music classes for babies, toddlers and their mamas (many of whom are pregnant). It's TOUGH.

thanks for being there ladies ---

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and I'm happy for you Ajax9094- congratulations! That's inspiring.

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My RE told me the BCP were to clear up any cysts. They won't do IVF with cysts that release estrogen. It screws everything up.

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