Anyone know price for DE ivf in Mexico

We are considering going to Mexico for DE Ivf. Does anyone know the price and any clinic you can recommend ? Any pros and cons. Any advice will be great!

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I'll PM you some info if you want. There's also the choice of a known donor you can choose from photos but this costs about $17,000 total ( This clinic works with one of the US donor agents and the donors come from South Africa, US, Canada etc).
A clinic ED with general details or matched with your photos costs app around $8,000- $9,000 . Includes donor (guaranteed minimum 8 eggs), monitoring, medical fees, gamete laboratory, surgery, embryo transfer and embryo cryopreservation. Excluding drugs for endometrial preparation.

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Will PM me additional information also?

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Please PM me some info. Thx

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Sorry for the delay! I did something with deleting my 'cookies' and couldn't log on to answer.. have fixed. Will PM you both info.

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I got $8000 for guarantee DE including most meds, accomodations,6 months frozen and next try but not meds if it doesn't take at Irega in cAcun. They are 10,500 for same deal tandem IVF so at transfer you can choose how many if a ny OE and DE to transfer r based on quality

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