any success stories with only 2 follicles?

Just looking for some positive feedback to get through the day. I had 7 follicles at the start of my IVF cycle, but only 2 of them seem to be growing. I'm only at day 10, so they are looking at extending my cycle to see if any more follicles pick up, but we may only have those 2.
I'm just wondering how many people may have been in that situation but still had at least 1 good quality egg & were able to successfully implant. I know it only takes 1, but once RE started taking about banking if we get one & doing the cycle again to get more eggs.
I'm only 32, but my AMH level is .19, so it doesn't look like I have a good ovarian reserve.

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Hi Donna,

I shared my story with another person yesterday. I was 33 when I had my IVF and started with 20 follicles, but only 8 fertilized. Out of the 8, only 4 were viable enough for transfer. Because of my age the doctor thought it best to only transfer 2 and freeze the other 2. Unfortunately, the 2 that weren't implanted did not survive the freezing process so my only hope for pregnancy rested in the 2 that were implanted. I now have beautiful twins that are 6 years old. It can happen and I am living proof of it. Lots of baby dust and positive thoughts to you! Good luck!!

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I didn't do IVF (IUI) but did have success. I had a scant 6 follicles and only one developed which was mature enough to drop.
Then there was the issue of low and slow sperm count as well. ACK.

I kept telling the Dr. , I only need one good egg and "This is my Big Boy Egg" throughout the pregnancy.
The big boy turned out to be a tall girl. Miracle child :)

You've already got a better chance in the petri dish, than me.
Good luck!!

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Thanks for the feedback ladies, and congrats on your dream coming true. It really does help hearing positive outcomes.

RoR, we actually have sperm issues as well, that's why we went straight to IVF, but today the nurse told me that if they don't get a minimum of 3 follicles they will have to cancel the ER & do IUI instead. So I'm glad to hear it worked for you despite poor sperm count & only 1 egg. Praying more have grown tomorrow morning, but if not I will be as positive as I can about IUI instead :)

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It most definitely can happen - after 16 days on stims, I only had two follicles. Those two follicles are now my 5 month old twin boys. Our RE wanted to cancel the cycle and move straight to donor eggs - we weren't ready to do that (I was 30 and it was our first round of IVF). We also had male issues and had to use ICSI - it seemed like everything was working against us. Our RE agreed to go through with the retrieval - both follicles contained eggs, both fertilized and both embryos implanted! It actually angers me to hear of REs who refuse to do retrievals without a minimum number of follicles - imagine if we hadn't tried it. Remember, it really does just take one. Best of luck!

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Thanks Hilary! Congrats on the boys, that's wonderful!!

We actually had an amazing pull through last weekend, 2 more follicles started growing, so had a good chance at getting 4 eggs, and we proceeded with the trigger shot on Sunday. By Monday, a couple more follicles were growing, we had 4 at 18-19 & 3 at 15! The ER went incredible, somehow we ended up with 8 eggs! I couldn't believe it, it just goes to show you the power of prayer & positive thinking (perhaps the addition of royal jelly helped too)! 7 were mature, and 6 fertilized with the help of ICSI!!! So now we're waiting for the ET and hoping those 6 eggs keep growing & doing their thing.

Thanks all for the support & sharing your successes, it really helps with staying positive :)

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Exciting news.......had my first Beta today, and I am preggers!!! Can't believe it, after things looked pretty grim at the start of my cycle, I am lucky & blessed to have 1 of those little fighters pull through! Beta is 69. Still in shock! :)

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