Any NJ Ladies here? Recommend your RE

Hi ladies,

I'm not sure if anyone here is from NJ, but if so I was hoping you could recommend your RE.

I am currently with an RE, and I am looking to change. I like my current RE, but I am not to happy with some of the office staff. I am also a bit iffy about how she does and times procedures. She is never in the office on Thursdays (IVF days), and they are closed on the weekend. IF you need a monitoring on the weekend you usually do not get it unless you are an IVF patient.

That just doesn't sit right with me.

Any help at all would be appreciated!


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Hi, RMA NJ is great, I think.

Good luck Gina!

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I'm so happy you posted about RMA NJ because I have an appt with them at the end of the month.

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i go to ivf nj and i am happy with their staff and doctors

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I have done 3 iuis and I am on my second IVF with RMA NJ. Overall I am happy with them (even though I am not pregnant).
I go to the Englewood and Morristown office. What doctor is yoru consult with? I can def give you some advise if you want about RMA. Some docs and some nurses are more friendly than others.

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We have our consult with Dr. Azim at the englewood office. I am excited to see someone new, but also a little scared.

I guess we are just ready for this to happen already. I'm hoping a new set of eyes will give us some answers, since we are currently unexplained.

I would love any info you could give me!

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My doctor is Englewood (Dr. Slowey) is moving out of state so I just switched to Dr. Azim. Dr. Azim is pretty new but he did my egg retirevel for my first IVF and seems nice.
I am going to send you a friend request, so I can give your more info.

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I go to Fertility Institute of NJ & NY. They are very nice there and they do see patients on the weekend if necessary. Let me know if you want more information.

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I go to RMA is west orange, and love Dr. Drews. He is very concise in his explanations and makes you feel at ease when you are going thru procedures.

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RMA is amazing. My sister got pregnant with her first IUI there and is currently 18 weeks. We find out on Friday what she is having. I have been seeing Dr Molinaro there since January. Our first IUI failed this month but I have complete faith in RMA to get me pregnant. The staff, nurses and Doctors are all sensitive to our issues and extremely helpful. I am sad that I am not pregnant yet but so happy to have found such a wonderful place. I look foward to 6 am when I get to go in and see the DR and nurses for morning monitoring. If you have any questions please e-mail me at

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