I am trying to find out the answer to this question. When do most fertility doctors/clinics check AMH levels? I was going to my clinic for over 3 years and they did not end up checking it until a few weeks before my IVF was scheduled. My AMH ended up being 0.5, so it was low. We actually had to cancel our first scheaduled IVF due to my high estrogen count.
We finally started out first cycle mid November and ended up with only one mature egg. It did fertilize and we did get one embryo that was implanted but did not result in a pregnancy. MY husband has SEVERE sperm issues and the clinic has been focusing on those for the past few year. I feel like this would have been checked earlier and addressed properly we would of had a better chance. I feel like we wasted our one chance.

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My obgyn is amazing and checked it when I had been trying for over six months. When I was referred to my RE he would have run it at the intimal workup but of course it was done. I am sorry, I definitely think your clinic should have checked that a long time ago. Please don't lose heart. My friend had really low AMH and ended up getting pregnant on her first IUI. Another friend had a normal AMH but her husband had multiple major sperm issues too-dr told them only IVF would work, she insisted on trying IUI first and it worked. My point is tests are not the final predictor of our reproductive success. Meanwhile I have a great AMH, hubby has great sperm and 18 months have come and gone and no baby. Meanwhile my less fertile friends -according to the testing at least- have newborns at home!! Remember it only takes one good egg and IVF helps so much with sperm issues. I think you have every reason for hope. I wish you all the best.

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Thank you for your response!!!!

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AMH level is so incredibly easy to take. It is a simple blood test any day of a woman's cycle. Further, the level is pretty darn predictive, taken with other attributes and exams results, of ability to get pregnant.

I truly believe this level should be taken every 6 months once a woman hits 30 and is undergoing fertility treatment.
My previous clinic determined levels of stimulation medications based on AMH levels in conjunction with antral follicle count.

No doubt about it, AMH level is extremely important information in determining a fertility protocol.

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We also have male factor and my AMH has never been checked. BUT, they did check my day 2 E2 and FSH in the screening before IVF, as well as do an antral follicle count. Did your RE do any of those before IVF? They can approximate the information from AMH, in terms of indications of a productive cycle.

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I didn't have mine checked until very recently and we've been dealing with IF issues for 2.5 yrs.

MENTS I was getting pregnant at the drop of a hat, but miscarried every time - had 5 pregnancies and losses. They said "Obviously everything is fine because you get pregnant so easily" END MENTS

When they finally checked because they changed office procedure, it turns out I have low AMH, high FSH. SURPRISE! It wasn't the cause of my previous issues at all, but it did add fuel to the fire under my butt.

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