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I am doing foster adopt through a private agency but I still need to put together an adoption profile. I have to create it in PDF and email it. Probably a dumb question but how do I do this? I know I can buy a digital scrapbooking program but is there a way to use powerpoint or something like that? Or do you have a suggestion on a specific program to use? I don't want to buy something too complicated. I want quick, easy and fun to use.

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Okay, I think I can help. Create the document in any program you want (ie powepoint, word, etc). When you are finish save the document first. To create a PDF (at least on my computer):
1. Click print
2. Instead of choosing the printer as you normally would, click the drop down menu next to the printer. You should get a list of all your printing options & one should say "print to PDF" or "PDF Complete" or something with PDF in it.
3. Choose the PDF option and it will save the document as a PDF file.
I am not super techie but I hope this helps.

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Wow! That's it! Thanks a bunch!!!!

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Don't you love it when the answer is easy?!?!?!

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If you don't have print as PDF as an option, you can download a free PDF printer on the internet. Some programs also have the option to save as a PDF in the "save as" area.

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We used MS publisher and saved as a PDF. Super simple and easy!! With publisher it is easy to move text and pictures around until you get them where you want them!

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