Hi Ladies,
I have been seeing a lot of posts about acupuncture. My doc has not even mentioned acupuncture, is this something that truly helps? We are so strapped for $$ right now, I cannot imagine spending more. . . but if it helps, please let me know and where to find someone that does this in the Twin Cities area.

Thank you!!

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The research supporting acupuncture is pretty convincing. You might check and see if there is a Community Acupuncture clinic in your area (they are pretty common here in CA). You receive acupuncture treatment in a group setting (it sounds odd, but I actually found it quite pleasant), and the prices tend to be a lot cheaper. My clinic, for example, has a "pay what you can afford" policy. (They suggest $15 - $35 per visit but allow the patient to decide the exact rate.) I personally don't know of options in the Twin Cities, but I would suggest giving it a try if you can afford it.

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Nikegirl - Is it a specific type of acupuncture that I should look for?

Thanks for the info :)

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No specific type, but ideally you want someone who specializes in infertility. I lucked out in that one of the acupuncturists at my Community Clinic had done her training in fertility clinics, so it worked out perfectly for me. (And although I was skeptical at first, I found that I really enjoy acupuncture in general. It's relaxing and helps me better deal with all of the stress.)

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If you have insurance you may want to see if accupuncture is covered. I just mention that as I found out it is covered for me and I was surprised.

I am a big fan, just had a session today. It's a great way to get your uterus in Great shape. I actually go to a clinic that is just infertility and pregnancy acupuncture.

Enjoy it!

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Fertility training is key

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Called insurance today - no coverage :(

ANY resources you can provide on fertility training or acupuncture statistics?

I feel lost as to where to look. We are going to start IVF in August or September.


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I have been doing weekly acupuncture with a Traditional Chinese Medical doctor for over a year. He doesn't specialize in infertility per say (as I see western medicine acupuncturists advertise) but rather he does "body balance" for me - which includes increasing bloodflow to my uterus.

I had a very bad experience early on with a western medicine acupunturist here in FL that "specialized in fertility" who inappropriately diagnosed me as "infertile" after simply looking at my tongue and pulse. I was appauled and demanded a refund (which I got after she bawled and thanked me for the "wake up call"). I then went to a Traditional Chinese Medical doctor and started having a wonderful experience. So I think if you find the right person or clinic, you will benefit all around.

My insurance doesn't cover it and I pay $60 per session. (The western medicine acupuncturist charged $90 per session - go figure). However, it is a qualified expense on my Flexible Spending Account (pre-tax medical expenses) so that helps a little.

I haven't tried to have an embryo transfer yet, but I have found it incredibly beneficial in terms of stress reduction, overall relaxtion, my ability to sleep, etc etc etc.

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