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Has anyone been told that they cannot be treated for infertility issues because their A1C Hemoglobin levels are too high? Mine were recently tested, and they were 6.1%, they need to be 6.0 or lower. I was on glucuphage before, but my doctor took me off. This helped to control that level. What did you do to help get those levels lower?

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As you probably know an A1c is an average of your blood sugar levels for about the past three months; not to give you a scare but diabetes can be diagnosed at 6.5% so you might want to try a "pre-diabetic" diet/lifestyle. Basically, limiting carbs (google carb counting) and simple sugars, eating high fiber/low fat, exercising and getting good amounts of sleep every night. If you're overweight, even by 10-20 pounds, losing that will help out a lot. If you try all that and your A1c is still too high I would ask your PCP put you back on some type of medication. I'm a health coach for a large medical clinic and I work with several certified diabetes educators; one of our biggest patient issues is lowering that A1c! Hope this has helped a little bit and good luck! :)

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Thanks for the information! I recently joined weight watchers and have been exercising an hour a day to help lower these levels. Do you think taking glucophage would help? I was on that for a while before and it helped to get my periods regular. I was taken off of it so I could be enrolled in a clinical study, but because that level is higher that the 6.0 required for the study, I don't qualify. I have been off glucophage since last October.

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Sounds like you are on the right track - nice work! I would give it a few weeks (if you can) with the diet and exercise and if your A1c still doesn't come down, ask your PCP's advice about getting back on glucophage. I bet the diet and exercise work all on their own though! :)

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