1 Failed IUI and 2 Failed IVF, is there hope for the 3rd IVF to be success?

I have had 2 failed IVF and decided to try the IUI route, unfortunately, it did not work. This month, we tried clomed and natural process based ovulation date. Unfortunately, it did not. Is there any hope for me? I am 40 years old and my husband is 46. The doctors do not know why we are not able to conceive. What options do we have? Should we try to go through another IVF? If you have had multiple failed IVF and was successful the 3 or 4th time, can you please share your story?

Thank you in advance for all your help...

Faith and Hope

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We have treated MF, and by the time all was said and done, my eggs weren't as good as they once were. We did seven IUIs and three IVFs. We conceived my DD on our third try at IVF. I was reaching the point where I thought it would just never happen for us, and well, it did. It was my first day 5 transfer, I took steroids for five days starting with ER, but that was about it. I guess we just kept at it long enough and we finally won the IF lottery. We were going to try four times before we gave up - statistically four times gives you the highest chance of success.


Good luck.

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There are so many sotries of success after multiple IVFs on the living after infertility resolution side. There is definitely hope!!


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Thank you for sharing your stories and for the encouragement. I am hopeful and want to continue trying until we have a positive outcome:) I hope that will be sooner vs. later:)

Have a good night....

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There is always hope. :) Never think its hopeless. Maybe they are overlooking immune issues, (NK cells) - thyroid issues, male issues, etc. I have heard that cookie cutter medicine is common amnogst fertility treatments as if all couples have the same types of issues. Imagine if all depressed people were treated with the same types of anti-depressants? Geez, there would be more problems than not. Everyone's issue is unique and SOMETIMES you just have to continuously research and be your own advocate and demand certain testing because it's not fair to keep throwing thousands and thousands of dollars towards a treatment before doctors clearly understand what it is they are treating. Check out this website that a doctor provided that lists tests that ALL doctors should be doing on you and partner to make sure you had them all done prior to treatments. http://samidavid.com/sami-method/

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Dear faithandhope2013,

Don't give up hope. Try IUI again and ask your RE to change it up possibly. What about Letrozole? I did an IUI with Letrozole followed by Prednisone and Progesterone. *Ments - miscarried at three weeks but I was shocked especially after five failed IVFs. I did get a positive on ivf #4 but it didn't stick. I never got a positive on any IUI cycle though. I also had a polyp removed a month before so that probably helped. It just gave me more hope to try again. But I agree with mizsnewyorker about making sure you had thorough testing. Sometimes you have to really push your RE like I did with the Hysteroscopy and sure enough I had a Polyp. I also tested for immune issues which turned out I don't have. Also, be sure to take your supplements. Ask your RE about antioxidants and other supplements as well. Change up your diet too. I think it helped me since I started eating better starting in August.

Hope this helps. Hugs to you.

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My have MFI also and I produce alot of eggs but my egg quality goes down the drain because too many are produced - so even though they usually get like 25 mature eggs... only around half fertilize and then quickly die down. It took me 3 fresh IVF cycles to finally get my DD (transferred 3 day 3 every time). She is now almost 4. We recently did our 4th fresh IVF - again got over 20 eggs and thawed out all 13 day 3 embryos we had from previous cycles... now I know that sounds like alot but I told you my egg quality is pretty much crap so even with all those to work with only ONE made it to day 5/day 6. We transferred it and I did get a BFP (unfortunately ended in a second trimester misscarrige which we suspect was a placenta or blood clotting issue). If I did it again I would probably push for a Day 5 transfer (even knowing most of mine would die off). I wouldnt give up if your REs are hopefull. For me they kept telling me that they had no idea why it didnt work and everything was going well and to try again.

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