What is the first thing....

Horray! Today they have discovered a magic cure for what hurts you. And it is free! You are healed and returned to your optimum health!!!! What is the first thing you do? (That is free too.)

I would go skiing. I have not done that in years. I would ski the bunny slope and laugh all the way down that little hill. I would take many breaks to go into the lodge and drink hot chocolate w/ extra marshmallows. Then I would ski again. And again. And again.

Day 2: horse back riding. Ohhhh, to cantor again. To feel the muscles of the horse, a horse that responds to my gentle touch, squeeze w/ a leg, click of my tongue, then losen the reins, full squeeze, light kick, call, and off we go for as long as I can hold on.
That moment before a jump. You know it is coming, lean forward, hold on w/ legs, and fly for just a moment as she glides over the jump.

What will you do? No food discussions!!!! Activities only.

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