Dear Friends...

I am once again asking for prayer... I have called on many of you during times of illness and distress and you have so kindly responded....and prayers made the difference. Today we need prayer for my niece, Charlene. ....she is very very sick. She has double pneumonia, sepsis, endocarditis, her blood is acidotic, acute kidney failure, maybe heart failure, and the doctor isn't sure she will make it through the night.. She was taken to the hospital today....we don't know the cause....but we do know ONE that does!

I want God's perfect will....that she not suffer...she is only in her 30s....so young!.... and she has two small children.

My heart is breaking for her...and her siblings. My sister...her Mom...went Home to be with our Lord in 2008.....and my life is forever changed. Now, her family doesn't have their faith-filled Mama....pray for their strength and peace as well, please...

Thank you soo much!..Love and prayer,

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