Hiding from my daughter

This is a terrible confession, but I truly am hiding from my 10 year old daughter. I have taken sound advice and put the girls in school. God had it all planned out way before me. One of the best elementary schools in the state is 1 mile away from me.
It was my 6 year old's ideal. Every time I go there I am extremely pleased with what I see and hear. So I spent the day doing what is necessary to put my 10 year old in. She has emotional issues that need more help than I can offer and I know the county school systems have help for stuff like that. But you have to be enrolled in the system to get the help.
The other side of the coin is that I need to be my husband's assistant for work. Someone said I shouldn't focus on money problems, but we are in a bad spot. Things have to turn around pronto or we are in trouble. I applied for aid from the state. They want proof of loss of income from employers. That is not good. Having not closed a sale in 4 months & asking to sign off on food stamp applications will make for bad ju-ju at work.
So the 10 year old is flipping out. Hunny is working and has no inclination to help deal with her. I have 2 other kids and have had serious pelvic issues all day & had to push through and not rest or ice like I normally do.
Thank God for my rescue dog. He knows something is up and won't leave my side. He isn't pushy, just there. He is such an emotional comfort for me. My service dog doesn't look after me like this, when I am home. He is learning about going to work for me. But at home, he is a sloth.
I can't complain to anybody I know, except on this site. I can talk to no one. It is insane.
I am grateful that God put us here. 2 months ago I was not in the mindset to put them in school. Now I have the reality that they have to be in school & God hooked them up with the best.
If these money woes don't ease up soon.... I don't know what God has planned. It must be excellent, given the secrecy and anticipation.

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