Teeth Problems with Fibromyalgia

Hello everyone...I was wondering has anyone experience dental problems with FM? I have always suffered with dental issues even when I was young because it runs in my family ..gingivitas and cavities. I recently went to the dentist and it was a nightmare to say the least....I notice that my mouth is so dry all the time..and now I suffer with toothaches almost all the time. I had to recently have 3 of my back chewing teeth removed (that's not cute) now I can't chew hardly anything..I'm gumming it. I just wonder anyone else experience rapid dental problems..man I have to get partials because I need to be able to chew ...even though I must say..if you looking to lose a little weight..go ahead get your back teeth pulled..oh that's a good 10 pds..lol!!!!! Just call it "no chew diet" or the "pull 3 be fat free diet" lol...sorry I have to make jokes to avoid freaking out!

Much luv and soft hugs..Marie69.

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Hi I have noticed that one of my front teeth are veru loosr, I will br making sn appointment with my local dentidt to sory this out.

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Since I got fibro my teeth all started going bad. I use to have good teeth and now they are breaking off like chalk. I will always believe there is some connection there.


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Gosh is there anything positive about being diagnosed with fibromylagia?

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Yeah at is what I expected to hear. I have been ill for over a year with the most indescribable pain and swelling and other things. At one point I thought I was imagining the symptoms I felt like the doctors thought I was ky judt to get the medication pain killers. Every single test I had done came vack negative; it could not be in my head there were several diagnosis from the nhs tennis ekbow, tumor, osteomyelitis, complex regional pain syndrome, rheunatoid. But it was a pain specialists in harley street that diagnosed me with fibromalygia. I am still waiting for this diagnosis to be confirmed.

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Dear Marie69......................

And welcome to "Fibro-land".

Yes. Fibromyalgia can do a "job" on your teeth & gums. I know it has

with mine. Even to the point of developing bleeding gums,etc. where it got

onto all my pillow-cases. Nasty. :(

So, I've started brushing every day with Sensodyne ProNAMEL tooth paste. It

relieves pain & does a good job on my teeth. :) Don't use anything with a whitener.

I, also, gargle & swish with biote'ne dry mouth oral rinse. The spray, I keep

by my bed-side.

I use all of Dr. Harold Katz products......TheraBreath PERIO therapy mouth-wash

& his tooth paste. Since starting, I have had no more bleeding gums!!! Wonderful!

His web site is: www.THERABREATH.COM

It's pretty expensive but not as much as a dentist visit, believe me!!!!

Good luck & brush after every meal when possible. You won't be sorry.

And always keep your mouth moist.

Love & gentle (((hugs))) from eaglehaslanded

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Just had to have a back tooth pulled about 6 weeks ago. First one ever!!

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Hi thanks for replying and pls go to your dentist before anything escalates to something serious. I would definitely go get your teeth checked. Much luv and soft hugs.

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Spondy..thank you for sharing your experience with me. I know I will have to get partials because I can't chew hardly...The wildest thing is, I don't have a clue how I will be paying for this ..so I might have to be "snaggle puss" for a while (bummer). I already go to a dentist ran by the state and they are good and inexpensive because all they want to do is pull your teeth or fillings..If its a matter of saving a tooth..they tell you , Oh it's going to only be 300.00 to get the infection under control (root canal) and 700.00 for the crown.. WHAT!?!?! I can barely pay the amount you charge me now..and so you left with no options ...but pulling because they won't fill anything with an infected nerve or whatever. I know this has to be a result of Fibro because it's so rampant...even tonight I ate something and another tooth...I felt the PAIN run up my cheek bone all the way to my head..it was torture (so off to the dentist i go) tomorrow. OH THE JOY!!! I pray it can be filled because I can't afford to have it pulled. Please say a little prayer.. I truly appreciate you sharing..and I pray you will not have to go through anymore dental procedures.

Much luv and soft hugs..

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Hi Debra,

I too believe that Fibro has a lot to do with our dental issues..I believe it comes from the medication as well. The constant dry mouth and even just the days that I can't get out of bed because I am hurting ...I know this is gross to say but , I don't get up to brush my teeth..I am lucky to make it to the bathroom to "tinkle" .. So, I don't know ..this condition never surprises me anymore..but other than that...Thank you for replying and sharing..May you have a blessed and beautiful pain free day.

much luv and soft hugs.

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Yes! you get to meet and chat with "ME" ....YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and all the people and their families that share your pain...

Seriously, it may feel like it's nothing positive to say about Fibromyalgia ...The thing for me and I don't about you but , you might can relate. I believe this condition was put in my path or my journey as a wake-up call for me to "Stop" or sometimes "slow down"


Just simply that...for me to recognize Him and not to complain (even though I have) but, once He's heard all my whining ..I realize in that silent moment ...where there is no one who understands me, my friends have all either walked away or I have pushed away...I am alone...with Him... Now it's time for me to get closer. Just knowing that about Fibro..shows you it's not ALL Negative.

After the storm...there is a Rainbow.
Much luv and soft hugs.

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Thank you ...thank you...for the website info and the products to try. I will certainly try them..and I didn't know about the whitening all the tooth paste I use is whitening...so, that's doing more damage then good. So what do you use to whiten your teeth? Because I love love love...coffee, tea ...I mean I have to have one or the other all the time. Well, I'm off to the dentist tomorrow because I have a horrible toothache that is just waiting for me to eat or drink anything so it can cause major havoc in my mouth. So, on the way home..I will check out those products..

Have a beautiful day! and soft hugs back at you.

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Hi ...pls let your dentist know you have fibromyalgia and see if he can recommend any preventative measures...Let's make this your first and last...I would hate for you to end up like me...

Take care...be blessed and soft hugs

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Thanks for the positive messages. However, there is something embarrassing that I need some advice on. As I have mentioned before I have been ill over a year and a half and during this time my husband has not been able to touch me or cuddle me. Actually making love isc out of the question due to the pains in all my limbs. Have you lafies expereinced. Anything like this.

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The whitening products that you buy over the counter don't do much except scratch the enamel

you may STILL have on your teeth. I don't do anything to keep my teeth white,

actually. I leave that up to my dentist. "Whitening" is only cosmetic anyway.

It doesn't make your teeth healthier by any means.

I'd rather have healthy stained teeth

than pearlie-white & unhealthy ones! I just make sure I use all the products

I talked about in my last post. AND.....use them several times a day!

Good luck to you, my friend & have a blessed day. Have a cup-a-jo for me!!!! :)


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Dear Flight-of-Fancy22,

Fibromyalgia has caused so many divorces it's truly sad.

I've done the research. Very sad.

The reason I started to research "love-making" & Fibromyalgia is because

I've been married almost 30 yrs. & for the past 13 of them.......no sex. Actually,

it's mutual. There are rare "cuddle times". I mean very rare. Mostly, I tell him

my skin hurts. ~~~~~~~ My ob/gyn knows my condition. But, before he had educated

himself on the pitfalls of a woman with Fibro. .....you could say I confused the

poor man! Actually, I think I scared him plum to death the time he was

"looking down there" & I screamed. :(

Best of luck to you. I sleep with a stuffed doggie these days. It never asks for anything

& I appreciate that alot.

Gentle (((hugs))) from eaglehaslanded

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Hi just reading your message makes me so sad. I am just hoping that I can be able to touch my husband again maybe I just will have to bear the psin to hold the man I love.

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Great timing for this subject. Just got home from the specialty dentist my regular dentist sent me to. Oh joy, she jokingly called me an anomaly ... I have 3 roots in one tooth. I came up with an infection after a cleaning last week. Hurt so bad I needed to see my regular dentist who decided he couldn't help me and referred me on. Long story short, neither can this one. She can't get me numb. Gave me all she could. Now I have to go to another who can sedate me. I hope I don't lose the tooth and crown that was just put on in January.

As far as the dental issues we seem to be having, my dentist said it is related to our dry mouths. Apparently saliva actually has some natural fluoride in it and helps protect. I too have a fluoride toothpaste treatment that I am supposed to use at night and not rinse.

How can you tell a Fibro sufferer ..... They don't have any teeth ! Hopefully just kidding.


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Hi, I have horrible teeth. Always have. I have a mouth full of fillings, a crown and my upper right wisdom tooth has crumbled. (I had numerous teeth pulled to make room for my wisdom teeth) I also have bleeding gums, dry mouth, halitosis, burning tongue and sensitive teeth. I recently started using Therabreath mouthrinse; I would try the whole line of products if I could afford it. I use toothpaste for sensitive teeth too; whatever brand's on sale.

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Yep, I'm right there with all of you! Just had a new crown prep done a few days ago (old crown was loose) and I get the new crown in 2 weeks. That being said, my biggest new joy is that my dentist is offering nitrous oxide during cleanings as well as dental work. Yippeee!! I have super sensitive teeth (since my fibro dx) and can't even handle teeth cleaning anymore. Maybe asking your dentists for nitrous for ALL procedures will help some of you to go more often? I know all this is really expensive, but I do not want dentures anytime soon! Hope everyone has a wonderful and pain free day. ♥ Carrie

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Nitrous oxide sounds like a great idea! The last two times I had my teeth cleaned I ended up with a migraine that lasted for several days. I hate to admit this, but, I haven't been to the dentist in several years and I really need to go. Since I now have dental insurance I will look for a dentist that offers nitrous oxide. Thanks for the tip Carrie!

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