Sudden all over painfull nerve twinges

I have nerve pain all over body. No diagnosis I have burnig tingling pin priks bee stings cramps spasms shooing stabbing cutting razor like. And sudden jolts. Hot an cold sensation. Water trickling down. It's from head to toe all day. Sharp sharp pain. Twitchig.
All sorts of test and 5 neuro and rhumynlater no answer

But I get these sudden twinges which are same nerve pain. Cause nerve going crazes but suddenly it twinges so hard. Almost like that one single nerve ending twisted and cramped. So it's sudden twisting twinges all over body one after another. Face and throat and whole body. Man I hate this. Any one get this.

My buzzing and twitching is so electrifyig some times super fast and spits more sharp pains.
It's like painfull goose bump but alcan e in like tips of fingers. It's Wierd. Bug plats and small.

So scared of this.

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Any one

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I have had this, but it is not as severe as yours. I am so sorry for your pain. There are times when It is not too bad.

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I get sharp and shooting pains throughout my body from time to time, but it doesn't seem to be as bad as yours. I don't have them every day, just off and on.

Good luck.


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Have the doctors checked your for neuropathy because it sure like what you have. Let me tell you that since I got Peripheral Neuropathy in my feet I have had all kinds of weird and unexplained feelings. I first went to the doctor because I had and intense itching all over my body like a bad reaction to a food or medicine. Then after a few days it went away. I started getting shooting pains, pins and needles and sharp electrical shock that could happen anywhere on my body. Just a couple of weeks ago I had such a shard electrical shock that I was bent over in pain. I never know what to expect. Now I have it in my hands and they are starting to go numb.Sometimes my left wrist feeling like something is crawling on it but when I look there is nothing! Such a strange feeling. It try to tell my husband it is like someone sticking me with a million little pins all over.
I hope the doctors find out what it is. Don't let them tell you there is nothing you can do.

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I have that sort of pain in my hands at times. It was as a matter of fact one of my very first symptoms years ago. I was off work for a month because my hands decided to burn and go back and forth between numbness and tingling. I also on occasion get an electrical shock like sensation in my hands.

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Hello everyone. I agree with starlitesue. You should have a nerve conduction study. I had similar pains, along with numbness and tingling. And my Dr. recommended it. My test came out ok, but from time to time i still have this problem. Unexplainable. But not as bad as yours. Do you know how your potassium levels are? Because a potassium deficiency can cause painful muscle spasms also.

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Yes over the years I have had nerve test and Emg done 8 times and it's only carpel tunnel. Even have had skin biopsy to check for small fiber neuropathy and that was normal too.
So I am in limbo land !
All my potassium calcium thyroid have been normal too

So I don't know:-(

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It sounds like neuropathy to me! I have had it for many years in my feet and it is very painful. A nerve conduction study would really help. I sometimes get twinges in my hands also. I feel for you, its a very unsettling condition.

I wish you luck on your search for relief!

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I have had this pain for 8yrs now. My is my groin are shoots down myback and left leg. No answers yet.

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to make it short and sweet well I should not even say sweet I hope ya don't here what I herd about it many years ago witch the favorite words from some dr's are YA JUST HAVE TO LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT. or here is another just as bad. there nothing that can be done. I am 57 and well be 58 in dec and those two saying I hear so much from dr's I have dream about it a time or two. here are things I do try and some times help the heat to area's or a hot bath witch I can't do any more take a bath. ice in different area's. a good rub down always help if ya lucky enough some one well do it for ya. I well just make this quick because there not really much to say well now wait if ya want I can fine the paper that has other things u can try like accupressue and the one with the needels too. (TRY AND SPELL IT. ACCUREPUNTURE. not even close to how to spell it. I think on the paper my pain clinc dr had a few other things like that wrote down. i well fine and write them here uf ya want..


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