pain in hands,wrist and feet

I am new to this site and was browsing through here last night. I read where someone had replied to a post and mentioned about wearing wrist braces. My hands hurt quite alot and my left wrist if positioned just right creates a tremendous amount of stabbing pain. Does anyone else have problems with their wrists, hands and/or feet.

I have Crohns/Colitis, diabetes, inflamatory arthritis and now fibromyalgia. I have been in remission with the Chrons/Colitis for several years (praise the Lord) and have only had diabetes for 2 1/2 years. The diabetes is under control without insulin, just taking pills.

Would like to have any input about this topic.


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Hey Betty - So sorry you're having such a painful time with your hand, wrists & feet. I have these problems on & off, especially my feet. I have Sarcoidosis, Fibromyalgia & RA. I do some exercises for these areas (check online for Arthritis exercises) which helps keep them a little more flexible - I use OTC cream called ALCIS which helps me alot (you can use Bengay or whatever works best for you) - the ALCIS at least doesn't smell awful.

My pain management doc has me on Neurontin for the Fibro, Robaxin (muscle relaxer) & hydrocoapap for pain - these work pretty well for me - they at least lessen the pain to tolerable (also for all the other areas of pain).

I pray some of this helps - I know we are all different - I've gotten to the point that I can hardly stand to hurt anymore - it's just too much, after all these years.

Love, gentle hugs & lots of blessings,

Jan :-)

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yep and The fingers....weird how it moves around!

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Thanks so much for the info. I take tramadol for pain, but try to cope with just Tylenol and most of the time can cope. I was on Tramadol before having knee replacement surgery a year and a half ago. I have tried bengay before, but haven't used in a long time. I have a high tolerance for pain, so that helps. When I reach the point of taking pain meds, it is really bad.

I semi retired this past year. I am a teacher and do not work in the regular classroom. I only work 2 days a week and that has helped, but keep my granddaugher 3 days a week, sooooo. I guess I really do work all the time. I plan on working one more school year and then I am outta there.

Again thanks for the info.

Love gentle hugs and blessings to you too
Betty :)

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Hi Betty I have the same things going on with my wrists, hands, and fingers. Lately since I have grain weight the bottom of my feets hurt. I'm really not sure what causing it, but my Doctor and husband said it the fibromyalgia. It seem to cause a alot of diferent pain in diferent area of the body. At least people are starting to understand about it. I really love site like this, it at least let me know I am not crazy, it not just me. So thanks for asking questions and being here.

Gentle Hugs loiselane

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Hi Betty, I have Graves Disease, Sojgrens Disease, IBS, SEVERE Fibromyalgia, Cervical Spinal Disease, Anxiety, and of course.....DEPRESSION! Yes... I have had flares with such "extreme pain" in my palms, hand joints, fingers, wrists, soles of my feet, toes, foot bones, and archilles tendon that I have gone into the Dr. pleading for pain relief. On these severe pain days, I reluctantly take Vicodin, but it is the only thing on those worst of days that gives me any level of pain tolerance to function at all. I can't work because of illness, so when I say function, I mean make it from the sofa to the bathroom. My heart goes out to you. Fibro is a cruel DISEASE(it is medically proven now to be classified as a Disease and not a Syndrome). You will find a wonderful support of caring and empathetic people who know your suffering on this web site. It has been a God Send to me. Many Gentle Hugs, Wendy.

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Hello Istheremore,
Have you researched Vitamin B complex?
Has any of your doctors done a vitamin assay?
Surely with your complex history, someone has thought to do this.
Keep us posted.
Best Regards.

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Good Morning Betty,

I just wanted to share with you some of the things that I have experienced. My feet hurt all the time and some days my hands don't work at all. I have type I diabetes and now am on an insulin pump. The pain that never stops, I have tried so many things and it only takes the edge off. Flexeril is the only thing that works on the massive headaches. Take it easy, don't do more than you can do and don't push yourself more. My kids don't understand what I could do yesterday I can't do today. I have learned not to over do it. If you do you will pay for it the next day.

Soft Hugs Angel

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Hi NiteAngl1967,

My heart goes out to you with hands and feet pain. How much water do you drink daily?
Best Regards.

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I drink between 16 and 24 ounces a day and that doesn't count my coffee LOL

Take care

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I know how you feel! I was diagnosed this year but my feet and hands started hurting more often the past few months. I even wake up with them aching and stiff some I did this morning. I have a job teaching Pre-K half day but was offered a job teaching art again. My friends and family are so excited for me thinking this will be perfect for me. I haven't told them how scared I am that I will start hurting constantly, most don't know about the pain I have been in for the past few months. The position might also mean I don't have a classroom and will have to do art-on-a-cart: travel to different classrooms all day. I am not sure this will be good for me but I want to teach art again. Praying that I get a classroom! I am not on any medication since Savella made me sick to my stomach and unable to keep anything down. Not sure what else I should try, living on Tylenol lately but it doesn't help much, need to go back to the doctor soon.

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Aunt G,
Thanks for the input. I too am a teacher, and know how you feel. Teaching is a very stressful job, like so many others, but I feel you need to think about what is best for you at this time. Having a cart/classroom could be very taxing. We so often try to put on a happy face and pretend everything is fine. The half day Pre-K job sounds like more what you need at this time. You have to think about the long run... what quality of life will you have at the end of the day with a full time classroom. Some days you will probably not feel like even breathing.

I know I probably sound negative, and I don't mean to, but we have a tendency to push until we can't go anymore. I had to go part time and don't regret it any.

If you don't have a rheumatologist you should get one. I have a great one who takes very good care of me, but she does expect me to do what I am told to do.

Praying for you to have a good school year and getting something that will help the pain.

Gentle hugs :)

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Thanks for the info... I do get A1C levels checked every 3 months. My pcp stays on top of my diabetes and my A1C results have been great for almost 2 years now. I am not the perfect diabetic patient ever, but try to do good.

I know my immune system is not the greatest... I have been dealing with several situations for 10 years. Just thankful I have some very good doctors. They all work together and with me to see that I get good care. Also, I have learned to be my own advocate because who better know me but myself.

Take care.. :)

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