3 Weeks Soon on Anatabloc/Pain & Inflammation

Fibromyalgia --if so watch this


Comment: Anatabine in Anatabloc does not presently come from any plant. It is syntheisized product

Your inflammation issues are major so it takes a while to fight it.

I also deal with OA and complications from hip replacement....lots of chronic inflammation in my body....check this out....

I'm doing my research and staying with it and HOPING.... I had a pretty great day after 5th day on this supplement.....

LOTS of info out there on it. jam

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Jam How long have you had Fibro? I just wonder how long Cheryl was on and what dosage?

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I was given the dx in 1999, but it's a rather milder FM, OA issues are worse for me....I have NOT heard back from Cheryl...jam

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Just finished my 9th day, and looking for subtle changes...

I seem to have LESS pain in my spine, spinal stenosis stuff....

Waiting for my 30 day supply to arrive. HOPING.....upon HOPE this supp helps me.

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It takes about a week. What I noticed is you have to not forget dosage because it seems to be cumlative over time.

I saw this today www.anatabloctrial.com My problem with this is I don't believe it will have much impact in 7 days.

The impact I had was my gums killing me and I had no idea why. I later realized I had inflammation in the gums.

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Well maybe it does, I felt a shift at day 2, and then day 5 and now today 9th day, less burning in spine....HOPE it's in my mail today....I don't want to miss taking it....

A gf is going to get the trial order, her rheumy suggested Zyflemend which I've taken, totally DIFFERENT product, but I
suggested she get the trial and see that for her groin pain, which rheumy says is coming from back and hip.

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Well now I know, since I ran out the body pains came roaring back....

My gf is taking Zyflemend, but ordered the Anatabloc this morning, she
wakes up in body pain daily......

9 Days on it and I KNOW now it was helping....PLEASE let me shipment arrive today..... jam

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It drives me crazy to hear about people in pain when there is a natural product at GNC that can help. I have been on prescription drugs where the side effects are much worse than what they are suppose to correct.

I hope you get it. It is cumlative so each day should improve. I am so glad they have 300 count bottle at same price. I just read they will have a dosage chart on each bottle based upon your weight. Need this.

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Yes, Anatabloc has a long road ahead for ALL as research is being done daily on it....it's so new and seems
like it can do so much...

CHRONIC INFLAMMATION.....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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at 3PM today my 200 unflavored lozenges arrived....so I"m back in the
Anatabloc saddle and SURE HOPE my previous results pick up and
continue with this supplement.

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How goes the inflammation? Seeing so many great testimonials.

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Just finished my 4th day back on and not feeling the results the first time around.....

I'm following a lot of blogs now and talking to others....and our bodies are all so
different so HOPE HOPE HOPE it helps me. Only wish it were less expensive,
more people could try it....$100 give or take a month is hard for many. It's stretching it for me,
for sure, dipping into savings more and more...I can't outlive what I have left
in savings.

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2/1/2013 Coming up on 3 weeks next Tuesday on Anatabloc.

Today I woke up at 9:30AM in no pain, this is now the "normal"
since on Anatabloc.....I couldn't believe I slept so good and long,
and nice interesting dreams.

Prior I was waking as early as 3AM in pain, often 4-5-6AM in pain
having to take 1/2 vicodin.

No more as it is Right Now....

Overall I'm taking 2 less Advil per day, and no tylenol in a week or

1/2 vicodin here and there but Advil is now 2 every 12 hrs...

Last night I took 3 lozenges under my tongue and TODAY, I feel
so good, energetic, happier and clear minded....and less less pain.

Check out Cheryl Reilly and Fibromyalgia, she has links on her story.
She also deals with Crohns...

I deal with OA for many years, Fibro since 1999, complications and mess
from hip replacement surgery.....

Bottom Line: Lots of Chronic Inflammation.....Anatabloc addresses and
modulates inflammation.....It's a killer that inflammation...

There is no other supplement like it.....believe me, I've tried MOST of them
for years. jam

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Regarding the "happier and clear minded"

That is the bonus of it all. It has a natural anti-depressant or safe monoamine oxidase inhibitor, or MAOI. MAOIs are antidepressants that aid in focusing and task accomplishment. The term "MAOI," by the way, is often pronounced like the Hawaiian island of Maui

After say 60 days you will in your mind feel much younger. It is great for the brain.

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Adam, I'll watch for that, I'm a young minded 74 yr old, but old back.....my D.O. back when I
was 30something said I had the back of a 90 yr old...how dare he.

He was a very smart man and he's gone, loved to be 96....

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Mary Shomon just sent out a mass mailing re: thyroid and Anatabloc

You can find it at: About.comthyroiddisease

This is from a 3 month Human Trials.

I'm past my 2nd month now and still doing good, less burning
and overall pain.

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