Left breast tenderness toward armpit and sharp armpit pains

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I am a little worried and having a hard time dealing with my diagnosis. I have sharp pains in my left armpit and left breast soreness. I took my blood pressure and it hurt worse.

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If you have soreness in 1 breast not due to hormones - get thee to a gyn - ASAP, one that specializes in breast cancer, not handing out the pill. Today. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Fibro sucks, but cancer can kill you.
Please, for all of those who love and like you, hear me - I have lost many friends to cancer. Your body is talking to you. Listen and act. I hate to be so frank, and when I am wrong, good. If I have scared the hell out of you, good. Do not assume all your symptoms are fibro.
Call a doc.

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Thank you for your response. I go to the Dr. Monday at noon. Praying I get to the bottom of this.

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I am so glad that you will see the doctor so soon. I have this issue as well. I had a complete hysterectomy in 2010 and have been on HRT. Apparently, HRT as well as fibro, can cause fibrocystic breasts. It feels like many small lumps at the outer part of the breast and under the armpit area. It IS painful and the diagnosis is confirmed by a mammogram. It is benign and I do hope it is this and nothing more serious, but again, so glad that you are having this looked at so soon. Hang in there.

Lots of Love,

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I had fibrocystic issues years ago - they told me to stop all caffeine. It worked. But you should have it checked out. I am glad you are going to the doc. Breast cancer is a horrid thing. Always good to rule it out.

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I had pain in that area for years, even before I went into full-blown pain and a diagnosis of fibro. Yes, I was concerned about lymph or breast cancer issues. Without a doubt, see a doctor to be sure of the situation. If, hopefully, everything comes back normal it's likely a trigger point. In that case a massage therapist familiar with trigger points, or someone like an acupuncturist or acupressurist can help with this; even show you self-treatments you can do when it acts up. Good luck!

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Do a search on Iodine Deficiency and Breast Health.....Dr. Brownstein has
written books on this defciency and I get his newsletters often online...

I take Iosol daily and when I've forgotten it, my breasts will get some pain
and tenderness....this happened a couple months ago and my gf made my
lightbulb light up....I don't miss a day of Iosol NOW...and no pains....

You won't get this info from any conventional mainstream MD, believe me... my
friend and I even had to educate our integrative MD by letting her read the
book Iodine Deficiency by Brownstein..

I have NOT had a mammo in over 25 yrs and don't plan to.....

This is ME and I'm not a doc, but a doc for my own health....

Do some research on the above comments....Iodine is also vital for thyroid health
and MANY other cells in our body. jam

I believe there is a huge deficiency in our country...but not in Japan...do some reading and

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But, of course, see your MD, but keep the Iodine issue on the
front burner.....

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Just started having this pain about a week ago, really bad left breast soreness and pain,underarm, arm and shoulder pain. Really nervous at first because my Mom had breast cancer and I have a mammogram every year. Have an appt to get it checked have had fibro since 2006 after bad car accident but never had this pain. This disease just keeps sending new symptons.

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Both of my breasts often hurt, but I have never had just one hurt, and no pain in the armpit. That's one of the scary things about fibromyalgia....I often hurt from head to toe and cannot distinguish fibro related pain from other types of pain. I sometimes worry that I may not take a heart attack serious (or something like that), because due to so much body pain with fibromyalgia, I am used to just accepting pain signals at any place on my body.

When I get a new symptom, I run it across my doctor, because I am concerned that I may not follow up on something that needs attention. I let him decide if my new issue needs to be addressed, or is just a pain signal related issue....

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I have had the same pain in my left breast up into my armpit. The pains started over two years ago, I thought I was having a heart attacks. I would be in the ER every week because I thought I was having a heart attack. Nothing was ever found, my blood pressure was fine, ekgs were normal, and oxygen was normal. Finally my doctor put me through 3 stress tests, mammogram, and a ultras sound on my breast. Nothing was found, six months ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyaliga. Does anybody's pain feel that bad in the breast and armpit? I have been looking for answers for awhile.


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I know it is so worrisome. I ended up having a breast exam but that is all. She said it felt healthy and didn't find anything but the pain just does not seem normal to me at all. It can barely be touched and even the slightest movement like if I jumped hurts really bad. I find myself guarding my left breast without even thinking about it.

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