Does Anybody have any thumb problems?


I'm new here but have had fibro for coming up on 10 years. And my most recent problem is my thumbs. It doesn't really work that well anymore and I have had this problem for years but it finally just can barely hold an empty dish, let alone anything important. I have been to see one of the "best" hand specialists and he tells me that the muscles have just stretched out and to have an MRI and we'll just go in there and tightened them all back up. I want to know if anybody had this done and did it help?

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I also have thumb problems, but it's known as trigger thumbs with me. I'm a quilter so I'm using my hands all the time. Yesterday was a bad day. Pain all over, and not much sleep the night before. My doc started me on a new med.called Cymbalta,suppose to reduce fibro pain and diabetic pain. Yes, I'm also type 2. I have problems with meds. Needless to say, but I've taken myself of it . It increased the pain, and made me feel as if I had drunk a pot of really strong coffee. Jitters, so no sleep.

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I had physical therapy for one of my thumbs a few years ago. It was mainly mild electrical stimulation and, I think some medication was massaged in. I didn't get to finish the PT because I learned I had cancer before I finished, but it really helped, and my thumb problems haven't returned. Now if I could just get rid of all the numbness from the chemo....

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I have had thumb pain for years during cold weather while outdoors. Since November when my fibromyalgia flared-up, I experience thumb pain (especially on the left hand) 4 or 5 days out of the week. It is a deep aching pain with sudden bursts of intensity and burning. Soaking my thumb in hot water releaves it some. Just as suddenly as it comes on (for hours or days), it vanishes.

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I am on Cymbalta for both Fibro and diabetic pain and also am PTSD - so all those things crashing around. I found out (by accident) switching from Effexor over that about double the recommended dosage made me feel like soooo good - I don't think that I have had a few good days like that in my entire life. Pain was majorly reduced and my depression lifted like a cloud clearing off my head. Of course, no insurance company will pay for that dosage so I am relegated back to feeling everything bad.

And the no sleeping thing hits me hardest when the moon is full. I can take a hand full of drugs to knock me out for the night and I will still be going at 8 AM the next morning waiting for them to kick in.

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The hand doctor I went too "the best" they keep telling me. Told me that the muscles and tendons connecting the thumb to the hand are the most that any connection has in the entire body. So that damn thumb is just nuts. I found that what finally made me go see a doctor was when I found that having my palm up and could not hold a few ounces of anything. My hand would just collapse. Not just from pain, but it just was unable to hold anything. So he told me that the muscles and tensions have to be tightened up because of the fibro -- if this happens to all my joints, I am going kill myself! I do have a brace that his physical therapist made and it works wonders, you just can't eat with it or do any manual tasks with it on. I can drive with it on and that helps because I drive a stick and I need my left hand to hold the steering wheel.

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I have problems with the newer meds, so not surprised that cymbala is increasing the pain. Have an appointment on Mon. with my doc. My hands are so bad at the moment its difficult to type or do anything else. Up at 1:30 A.M. walking the floor. I wish that I could throw all the meds. away and start over. tHE CYNBALA IS COVERED BY MY INSURANCE AS A TIER 3 DRUG. My husband is a health insur. so only $22. I just can't take it.

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