A night of no sleep..blah

I would give my left arm just to fall asleep. I havent had one of these nights in awhile... so it was only time it would happen. hate when i cant sleep.... ugh. As sick as i feel i did so much today between food shopping and cleaning the house.. i would think my body would be knocked out, which it is... but cant sleep sighs. so im watching a league of their own... good movie i havent seen in awhile. hopefully i will fall asleep eventually.... fingers crossed....

hugs, chris

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Hey Chris....right there with ya and I took night time meds over,2 hours ago lol.....its the way,of the fibro for me....though it also doesnt help that I am OCD lol.

Hope you get some rest and soon!!!

Lots of love and peace.


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ty wenz, i do hope u are able to sleep soon too. this to me is the worst part when u cant sleep. I really hate this disease!!!!! I know it becomes a way of life... but i dont think i will ever get used to it.

big hugs, love chris

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Dear Chris,
I know what you mean, I think most of us here do. I agree with Wenz too, it does not help that I am OCD either. While I am lying there stressed out that I have not fallen asleep despite all of the meds I have taken, my mind starts to race with things that I think I forgot to do, or things that I should have done, what I still need to do, and on and on. It is an awful cycle because the more stressed you are, the harder it is to fall asleep. I hope you both were able to get some sleep last night. At least we have each other to talk to about this. Hang in there.
Lots of Love,

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