FMDSA Executive Director Celebrates another Birthday Seeking Answers

She came at fast pace our
amazing Pam Mace......
She would not deter or slow down,
doing her mission with nary a frown.
Changing our lives and giving us hope,
rung by rung climbing the research rope!
We owe her much thanks and gratitude to,
for with out her dedication and rigorous pace.....
where would we be with out our PAM MACE????

Happy Birthday to a woman who has given me and so many others hope that our children and our children's children will not have to deal with the complications of Fibromuscular Dysplasia! You are my hero! oxox

and Pam would be the first to say we couldn't do it with out the fantastic volunteers and donors who have and continue to support

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Very happy birthday to Pam for your relentless work and schedule for FMDSA, to the Goulds for founding FMDSA, and for the wonderful vontunteerers and donors. Hope you are holding up and in perfect shape even with your incredible workload Pam, and please take a few days off to celebrate. You don't appear a day older!!
Sincerely, Linda

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LOL, thank you Mimi and Linda. It's been a long journey since the small support group days over a decade ago. Board members, volunteers, the doctors and patients over the years are all responsible for getting us where we are today.
As a patient I feel very blessed to have so much support and amazed that we have accomplished more than I ever dreamed possible.

I loved the poem, thank you for the birthday wishes.

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Happy Birthday Pam. Thank you so much for recommending Dr. Casanegra in Oklahoma City to me. She has been a blessing in walking with me through FMD. I have been seeing her since January of this year. I look forward to the annual meeting in 2014 so I can meet all of you. I love the poem also.

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Your welcome, she is a great doctor and she is so compassionate. She trained at the Cleveland Clinic working in the FMD Clinic.
How exciting that you will be at the meeting, I look forward to meeting you.
We are expecting the largest turn out that we have ever had so I would book your hotel early, you can always cancel if something changes.
My birthday was nice, thank you
I am headed to Cleveland today to celebrate my dads 75th birthday.

Enjoy your weekend,


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Pam, thank u for putting me in touch with dr. Hughes in co. Our initial visit was very helpful and I look forward to his future input in my care!

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Happy Birthday Pam Mace. Although I have only been a member of this group for a few weeks now, I already know just how important you have been to it's success. I watched the video of you in Mystery Diagnosis, and was astonished at what you have gone through. My husband does not seem to understand the seriousness of this disease, but I asked him to watch the video with me. I think he understands now a little better of just how FMD affects our lives, and how alone we feel sometime. Thank you for all you do. Have a wonderful birthday.

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Hi Pam,
I wanted to know if you know of a Dr. Gill Urologist who used to be at Cleveland but is now in CA. USC. I am researching
the bypass surgery of renal artery. Not sure they could coil it as my kidney functions are all normal but I don't want to lose
my kidney.

I have aneurysm near hilum of kidney in distal renal artery with 2 outflows, small 1.2 cm we are watching, I had the angio of renal
artery for FMD successful and I only take one BP med.

Any information or doctors suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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Hi Pumpkin,
Pam is not generally on this site . Someone told her about my poem so she popped on.
Have you checked the doctors that are listed on our website under Patient registry and Clinics to see if any are close to you? Are you looking for a doctor familiar with FMD or one to do surgery?
Take care

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