OK...I have not only a history of FMD/renal arteries with aneurysms but s shaped tortouous carotid, AND I BELIEVE the other has FMD (will find out when I return to UC/Davis, Ca in Dec...

Anyway, have ALWAYS had flank pain...just thought it was "me" until diagnosed with FMD, then "blamed" it on FMD.

Recently had SHARP, SHARP pains in left groin (I've had two angioplasties of renal arteries and many angiograms for diagnosis plus follow ups), buttocks, knee and tibia. Oh, I also have hx of arthritis (fun, fun)... Doc ordered an MRI of lumbar spine (w/o contrast)...still awaiting word from Docs, so called MRI place and they mailed me copies of results & discs...unable to find much about back/FMD...only site that came up was "us"...

OK, too ATTEMPT and make a LONG history short, I shall key only he IMPRESSION of radiologist report...

Degenerative changes at multiple levels of the intervertebral discs in the lumbra spine with mild degree of sspinal stenosis and lateral recess stenosis of L-4L-5. THERE IS A 5 MM X 10 MM SYNOVIAL CYST off the right L-4 L-5 facet joint which is contributing to the degree of stenosis as asymmetrically on the right side.


Left-sided SEVERE L-4 L-5 foraminal stenosis which may be correlated for radicular systems to the exiting left L-4 nerve.

So, last year's discussion is "closed"...and there's nothing on computer...I look forward to discussing this with my Drs...but am wondering, does anyone have this problem?


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Thak you aj57!

My little mind, when report read "stenosis" just went right to FMD/immune system, etc. I use to be a runner (before FMD/aneurysms diagnosed, so do understand arthritis, etc...that has been diagnosed on my knees, etc)...but...other than all these reports on my general health, I feel pretty good (in between 'break outs'), and have been told (or am I "hanging on to it"?) that I do not look my age...I find (sigh) my worse "symptom" of aneurysms, FMD, etc, etc, is "fear of death" much, of losing my ability to use cognitive function (am I saying dementia/alzheimer's?) :<

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Hi Bee-Jay. I also have chronic back pain from L4/5, 5/6 and have a peripheral nerve stimulator implanted in my buttock which changed my life dramatically. When my pain increases I turn up the electrical impulses and it is like turning on a light switch - instant relief. In regards to fear of death; my mother died at 60 and I am now 67 so am grateful for any extra time that I have. One thing in our favour in regards to fear of Alziemers, ending up in a nursing home etc, is that we can do a 'living will'. Mine will say that all antihypertensives are to be ceased. A benefit of FMD will be deciding to cease medical intervention in my life and I think that is a positive. :-)

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Hey Shanron...

When I see my Docs re my back test results, I'll discuss nerve stimulator with them...sounds a lot less invasive than other recommended procedures..

What a wonderful outlook you have~ see? it helps! Most FMD'ers have all had symptoms we're talking about and can empathize with each other...really understand...

I FEEL BETTER...I JUST READ ANOTHER POST FROM FMD'ERS AND TOGETHER WITH THIS PAGE, hey, I mean it: "we're going to make it after all"...

And on this Subject, I must again thank FMDSA...gosh, the Goulds (founders of Site) have done so much for us...there REALLY is a lot to be thankful for, yes? REALLY does help to read your posts...(and I'm sure we all feel this way) when we're scared...knowledge is is...filling that hole in our hearts.

Let's MAKE it a great evening!

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Hey, it's morning here and we are going out for lunch. The reason for our lunch fits into your post quite well. We are remembering and toasting our friend Amanda who passed away at the age of 46 leaving and 8 and 10 year old. It is now 10 years since she died and the boys have grown into fantastic young men, the sad part is that Alex, who had a wonderful relationship with his mum doesn't have much memory of her.
I agree with you about this site, we owe a lot to the people who had the insight to set it up.

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Hi Shanron...

Reading posts such as yours snaps me back into reality and...we have one life (here)...let's go! Enjoy your luncheon!

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P.S. Go to top of this page, and you'll see "contact us"....FMDSA is the one who set it up...

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Hi Bee-Jay,
I'm 70 y.o. with FMD in my rt carotid, both vertebrals, rt kidney, and a brain aneurysm. I have a primary immune deficiency for which I receive infusions of antibodies every 4 weeks. I have had breast cancer. I just developed non-pulsitile tinnitus for which I will be going for a consult soon. A year and a half ago I developed excruciating pain in my left leg and was found to have a synovial cyst which went from L4-L5 and was pressing on the nerves. In addition my back is very much described as yours. I had surgery which involved removing vertebrae in order to get to the cyst (which was too large and gelatinous to simply drain), and had a bone graft, rods and screws put in place. I am now totally pain free and with full function of my back. As my doctors have said, not everything is related to FMD or an immune deficiency or cancer. Lately, now that I'm 70, it seems that everything is due to aging! My best friend died at 56, so if this is the price one pays for getting older in order to have the opportunity to enjoy life, then I'll just have to deal with it. If you would like to talk about the back surgery, let me know.

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Oh, Naplesjean...

Thank you so much for your post!

Pls, pls, do tell me about your surgery...(it doesn't sound like it was laser, yes? :>) Totally pain!

And how similar our medical histories are! I am 69 (like to think going on 30...ah heck, make it 20)...

I have a history of bilateral renal artery FMD with aneurysms one removed via 'bench top surgery' (in 1990's) and the other not too long ago re stent. (UC, Davis California)... also, diagnosed with s shaped tortouous right carotid artery, and THINK FMD on left (will find out next Drs appointment)....

Do you mind sharing where you're from? (I'm from Oakhurst, Ca; Gateway to Yosemite)...

You said it, "if this is the price one pays for getting older in order to hae the opportunity to enjoy life" then DEAL WITH IT!
Gottcha, loud and clear!

And our age is NOW considered, what...20 years (or is it 10) less than what it really is...(I read that, I did, I did I reall y did :>)

Looking forward to your medical history, etc...especially back...I am fortunate enough to have ins (Medicare and supplemental)
and "will travel to go to Dr who has performed many times)...

Again, thank you so much for caring enough to post!


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Hi Betty,

Why don't we find a time we can actually talk by phone or Skype or FaceTime. Email me at jeanberger@ I look forward to hearing from you. Reference in your subject FMD otherwise I'm likely to delete without opening.


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Hi Betty,
I have spinal stenosis (apparently concerning to Dr. Naz). But I am plugging along and doing well. Walk daily. Also have osteoarthritis which can be painfull and then nothing......
Take care!

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OK...I have some "homework" (grr) to do, but I'll email you today!

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hey, (ahem) "one kidneygalinnoca"...

I didn't know you have a history of back? Did you read the post where Jer and I had started REALLY walking (2 months) when all this (re back) started??? Prior to this, I have NEVER had symptoms of back! Go figure.

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