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I was wondering how long everyone had to go through rehab after Encephalitis I had Encephalomyletis, I was finally diagnosed in March 2011 where I had to be flown via medi helicopter to University of Chicago Medical Center, I live in MIchigan, I spent three weeks there then I had to be taken to Schwab Rehab Center for Physical and Occupational therapy where I stayed for three and a half weeks, I had lost muscle control in my arms and legs from being weak for so long

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Hello dawnm268...

As you can imagine, the volume of rehab is directly related to the impact of encephalitis that particular person experienced. Some stay in a facility where they can have rehab post encephalitis... others go home and return as an out patient for rehab. Personally, I was in hospital for 4 weeks with hse (1999), then did rehab three times a week as an out-patient.

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I was supposed to have outpatient rehab when I got home but my husband insurance company does not cover physical or occupational therapy that is why I was blessed that University of Chicago paid for my rehab to go to Schwab I could not imagine what would of happened if they did not I could not walk at all I was stuck in a hospital bed for three weeks,
So when I came home Schwab sent papers home for me to do therapy at home thanks to my mom, husband and son making me work so hard I finally did it

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After my 3 comas and pneumonia caused by Viral Encephalitis which left me with epilepsy and complete memory loss, I went through a strong rehab to regain most of my memory control but the epilepsy remained. Over the years my memory loss diminished almost completely but epilepsy still is a hurdle for me. There are many ways to deal with memory loss if it still remains, but the epilepsy treatments and side effects of the medication is still a problem for me.

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