How long will docs keep a person in a coma

I posted last week some time about a friend of mine that was diagnosed with HSE. She was put into a drug induced coma last week on tuesday (i think, the last two weeks have been a blur). The doctors have on three different occations tried to bring her out of the coma, more slowly each time, only to have her continue to have more seizures. I am just wondering how long they will keep doing this. I know the drugs to keep her in a coma must be doing damage to other parts of her body (kidneys, liver, etc.) She was just moved from Erie to Pittsburgh today which also concerns me. Not only can I no longer visit her as often but why the move. Better docs? Alternative treatments? I just wonder what is next. Any answers would be appreciated. Thank you all

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I can't help you with the time frame, but I can tell you what I was told by the doctors. They try to get the seizures to be gone and they go slow so that they don't pull people out too quick. I hope that you are still able to visit on a regular basis.


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I had to get a family member transferred to another hospital that was better equipped and had more experience with E, and I am sure that is the case with your friend. Also, I had a family member (she was in her 20's) who had come down with something totally different from E, but the doctors put her in a drug induced coma for almost 2 months. 10 years later she is healthy and has had children since. Hope that makes you feel a little better.

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I asked my family and I was transfered to another hospital from the one I was originally sent to. I thought it was because I was closer to my family, but it was because they had a better neuro.


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Hobo was transferred to another faciluty that was better equipped to handle "E". He also was put in a drug induced coma but his was only for three days. They tried to bring him out after two days but they said he was not ready and did it the next day. I am sure that they will bring her out of her coma when it is good for her. I am not a dr. but as it did with Hobo, the coma allows her to rest so that her body can fight off the virus and begin healing without using up her energy to work other normal body functions. Please try to keep visiting her. She needs your support even when she is in a coma. I hope this has been helpful.


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My family had me helicoptered from a local hospital at the Jersey Shore to HUP in Philly because the local hospital would not put me on a respirator because they said they did not have one to dedicate long term to one patient. They were told to get a priest that there wasn't anything they could do for me. All they could do give me nasal O2. That move saved my life for sure.

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My wife spent three months doing the same thing. They tried many different times to bring her out. Each time as we got closer she would begin to show abnormal brain activity and they would need to put her under again. The final attempt, they told me they had consulted physicians around the country and were going to try something different. I don't recall what that was, but they didn't need to do it. She just came out. We were relieved. That doesn't answer your question directly, however it gives you an idea what you might expect. I do know that they were starting to develop a sense of urgency about getting her to come back though. I know that her blood work was showing enzymes consistent with the atrophy of her brain and that they wanted to get her out of the coma sooner rather than later. We were at St. Paul, MN @ The MN Epilepsy Group @ United and Children's Hospital in St. Paul. They are HIGHLY respected neurology and epileptologists. We are lucky to have them. We still have seizures and a lot of meds but they kept her healthy during the coma and THAT IS NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. Have faith ans question them often. If she doesn't have an advocate then you need to ber hers. Sometimes parents are just too overwhelmed to be a good advocate for them. Good luck.

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