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Has anyone heard or read that the vagus nerves can be associated with esophageal spasms? Thanks

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Yes! I think it goes along with dysautonomia, but I could be wrong. The vagus nerve gets compressed. I get them and its horrible. My MIL takes the pills that you put under your tongue for chest pain....nitrites, I think? She's only had to do it once or twice but she has them. I just ride it out.

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I know, it's a shame that they haven't figured these spasms out.

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Good informative article on the Vagus Nerve:

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for posting the link. Very interesting. Will do some more researching. Thanks Danno_59

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I had severe esophageal spasms starting the spring of 1995. I learn the next year that they were due to eating potatoes and garlic. Not kidding, at all. I had gone through all sorts of testing and was on a acid reducer because it HAS to be GERD, right? (Even though they dropped HCL down my esophagus and could not reproduce the spasm).

I discovered it by paying attention to my diet and eliminating it and bring it reintroducing it. There was no doubt: I could stop of make it happen with those two foods.

I was tipped off by an alternative practitioner...... who I ignored until I wasn't given a solution from mainstream medicine. What made me listen was the 1995 Kelly et al small pedi study out of J Hopkins on kids with incurable GERD (worst cases) who were cured through elimination. Check it out.

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Will do EhDoSomething Thanks

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