Small Teeth an EDS thing?

Does anyone else have small teeth? I just noticed how tiny both of my kids teeth are! Whoa! Is that an EDS thing? If so, all types? I am learning new things every day even when I think I've seen it all!

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Small mouths with high palates are common . . . that was one of the indicators when I was diagnosed. I know when my adult teeth came in, I didn't have enough room for them and when I smiled I looked like something from a SYFY movie! Since my lower and upper teeth were not matching up well, they had to pull four teeth, add braces, and even then it was a tight squeeze. As soon as my wisdoms started to come in, they had to pull them since my "perfect" teeth were moving out of allignment. At 50, I still have to remind the dental assistant that she has to use the mold for kids, not the one for adults and my hygenists/dentist hates working in my tiny mouth.

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I have small jaws AND small teeth. When I get crowns, which is far too often, the dentist always comments on how small my teeth are.

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My baby teeth were very small--my family lovingly referenced them to pearls.

My adult teeth were not small, and like Sasymojo, this was exactly true for me: "Since my lower and upper teeth were not matching up well, they had to pull four teeth, add braces, and even then it was a tight squeeze. As soon as my wisdoms started to come in, they had to pull them since my "perfect" teeth were moving out of allignment." I've worn braces twice in my life--for four years as a teen (even for my Senior pictures...grrrrrr). They were beautifully straight then, and I wore my retainer as recommended by the orthodontist--for a year afterwards. Guess what? My teeth moved, and I wore braces again as an adult, at the same as my teenager daughter. Much to my daughter's chagrin, we had mother-daughter app'ts at the orthodontist's, lol. And now I wear my retainer nightly. Our adult son has even come up with a gravestone epitaph he plans to use for me one day:

"As we lovingly buried her in her final container, we did make sure she was wearing her retainer."


Kids. Doncha' love 'em?


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I dunno about my baby teeth but my adult teeth are huge... I had a terrible overbite when I was a kid... but I don't have the typical high palate or crowding of teeth...

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Wow, this was nice for me to see. I'm not the only one! I'm in my 30's and still use a child size toothbrush in order to be able to get to all my teeth. I've had 5 adult teeth pulled to make room in my mouth. No braces yet, but they are on the horizon. Dentist has also had to use child size crowns and tools when working with me.

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RE: wearing retainer through college: After much trial and error, I've been told I'll have to wear a retainer or mouthguard of some sort at night for the rest of my life. My teeth move extraordinarily fast. Less than 10 seconds with pressure and they've moved. I've asked about bonding the teeth together and all sorts of things. No options look good. The mouthguard (prevents grinding and TMJ symptoms) is the safest option.

On the upside, I had my braces on and off in record time when I was a teenager. Less than a year for what "should" have taken 2 years +. I didn't have my EDS diagnosis at the time. Not sure if they would have used less pressure if they had known.

As for small teeth, I have small teeth, high palate, and a large jaw. Small teeth from mom, large mouth from dad, high palate probably from mom since she gave me the EDS. At some point, regular genetic traits do take over (e.g., the large jaw from dad)...

Btw, my maternal grandmother (with EDS), my mom and I all had to have baby teeth pulled bc they refused to fall out on their own. I find that odd.

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It's funny but I never really noticed how small my kids' teeth were until I found out about EDS. But I only see it listed under the hypermobile type and the dermatopraxis (sp?) type when I go online. My kids are being tested for VEDS so I guess it probably is in each type but for some reason not listed. Overlapping. Like everything else about EDS!

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I use a child's toothbrush too!! It's so hard to find "extra soft compact" so I settle for those. My teeth don't seem THAT tiny, but I don't have enough room for all of them. I have a super high palate though, and my teeth seem to chip pretty easy, which stinks.

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I don't feel like my teeth are small, but I definitely have had the same small jaw issues that some others have talked about. 4 adult teeth pulled then braces. I had one orthodontist tell me, "You have the most crowded mouth I've ever seen!" I have a retainer glued in on the bottom and my teeth still move. My wisdom teeth came in and messed everything up so eventually, I'll probably want to get those pulled and braces again.

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