Skin on palms of hands cracking and peeling

Has anyone ever experienced the skin on the palms of their hands crack and peel severely . This is the second time I have noticed this. It only appears to be happening to the palms. The last time it happened was a few months ago and we continually put lotion on them before bed each night and they healed. Now a few months later the same thing is happening again. My child has EDS hypermobility. Any suggestions?

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Yes... I have eds hypermobility and my hands get so bad when fall and winter come....although it Is a year long thing.

I'm lucky to have a doctor in the family and last winter it got so bad I had tried so many things wi th no help...
Washing my hands during the day and working at an office where I'm constantly touching paper doesn't help.

My hands crack and bleed and family. Member who is a internal medicine physician told me to keep hydrocortisone cream like Cortisone with moisturizers with me and use it to reduce redness, moisturize & it helped with 90% of the issues.
I usually use store brand cheaper cream unless it's flaring.

I had to use It after washIng my hands& several tImes throughout the day...but after 4-7 days, I was so much better.

Oh and I use it at night just before bedtime And after it is somewhat soaked in...I use aquaphor by eucerin..vasoline would work too.. to seal in the moisture.
There are gloves to wear at night too but I've found using the aquaphor is better and I just didn't like wearing gloves to sleep.

Hope that works!

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yes, odd, isn't it? skin on my fingers and pinky-side of hands year round, handling paper makes my hands very dry, fingertips and around nailbeds crack and bleed. Also skin on the soles of my feet bubble and peel off in thick strips.
Dietary changes seem to help me: eliminating sugar, wheat and dairy, as well as yeasted foods.
A regular practice of dry skin brushing to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage followed by lightly oiling the skin (any organic oil you can eat - sesame, olive, almond - whatever your preference - before or after a shower/bath has also helped me.

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Do you get little blisters before it cracks and peels? I have EDS/Hypermobility and have Pustular Psoriasis too. Mainly on my feet but it does sometimes affect my hands, but I too get dry cracked hands in the winter. Also for some reason peeling potatoes really sets it off - so I try and get my hubby to do those! I use a cream called Double Base which is I find really good and use gloves and socks in bed at night. Attactive but worth it!

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One more thought on the skin. My sister-in-law had the exact same symptoms. They cleared up after a couple of months of being gluten-free. I'm sure you don't want to consider "one more thing" but i was completely blown away by the difference in her skin. My husband is gluten free as well and had skin issues that cleared up when he gave up gluten as well.

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