Prolotherapy IS an option!!!

I am writing this because there are so many people (and by people I mean your doctors, educators, and fellow EDS's) that are uneducated about and have no experience with Prolotherapy . (There are doctors out there doing these treatments that are NOT specialists and I'm sure some have unfortunately been treated by them and had no results but there are SPECIALISTS in Regenerative Medicine [find a doc at ] this is ALL they do [Dr. Ross Hauser in Chicago is a leading doc in the field: His website has a great search engine of articles and you can watch it done on youtube]. That's who you want to see!!! There are crappy doctors just like their are crappy hair dressers.
(links to articles concerning EDS/Hypermobility and Prolotherapy at the bottom)

I feel like it is completely irresponsible and unethical of the medical community to discount a treatment that is far less painful, expensive, and dangerous than your average surgery AND might truly help you. Thankfully more and more top athletes are using Prolotherapy and it is finally getting recognized for healing injuries. Just because your doctor doesn't know about this doesn't mean it doesn't work. Options include Prolotherapy, PRP: platelet rich plasma, and stem cell injections.

I was extremely active and athletic until my late 20's. Multiple injuries started to cripple me; not realizing that I had EDS, I didn't know that was a huge part of why I was getting injured and why I wasn't healing. The surgeries made me worse. I suffered with unbearable pain at times in my neck, low back, hip (subluxed at 25 and had surgery), knees (3 surgeries: ACL, lateral collateral, meniscus, cartlidge damage: by the time I was 26) and eventually my ankles and feet. I have had an uncountable number of injuries: subluxation in the cervical and lumbar spine, hip, shoulder, knees, ankles, wrist and fingers. I could "blow" a knee or ankle just walking from the house to the car if I stepped on a rock wrong. That's how loose my joints had become. I tore my shoulder taking off my shirt.

So we are talking about head to toe joint damage over the years. I was told by orthopedics I needed surgery on ALL of those joints in the last two decades. Even though my ACL reconstruction was unsuccessful and damaged the Patella ligament and tendon that was healthy and undamaged. The hip surgery- crippled me. I was in my 20's, a personal trainer, in incredible physical condition, training for Miss Fitness USA. Some of the top docs had no answers. I struggled for years trying to rehab myself. I seriously tried it all. I had a great doc that started the rebuilding process for a year and then I moved. I went through two crappy docs that were not PRO's at doing Prolotherapy (thankfully I had the best already and knew they sucked) A year and a half ago I found a great doctor here in Austin : Dr. David Harris [] He took me from suicidal pain, walking braced on my ankles and knees with a walker or cane to being able to walk my dogs for 20 minutes (freely) and starting to exercise with weights and short biking in a year and half!! Did I mention I do massage 5-6 days a week to pay for these injections? I'm not saying I'm pain free (i wish) but it is SOOOO much better than it was!

No my life will never go back to pre-surgery and injury condition. There is way too much damage to all my ligaments and tendons. But the cervical pain- the difference is amazing. I was sliding out in my sleep, my shoulder and hip too. My ankles couldn't bear my weight any more they were so loose. He has made my hip more stable. It doesn't snap out all the time and get stuck like it used to. My knees don't slide out, my ankles don't fold constantly. I had a bone spur in my heel from so many years of blown ankles, knees, a horrible gait pattern that no PT can fix- he stabilized the ankle and the bone spur is almost completely gone. I wasn't able to walk barefoot, I could barely walk in shoes anymore... I'm so grateful for the changes that have been made with Prolotherapy.

I really just want people to have a chance and a choice... any chance at having less pain and a little bit of a life back should be discussed and researched.

Good luck with whatever you choose but at least take the time to read about it and make your own choices. "they" don't always know what is best for YOU!!! I have also found massage and acupuncture to be a great part of this healing process.

Organizations that support Prolotherapy: American Association of Orthopedic Medicine (AAOM), American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine (AOASM) :

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We conclude from this study and the aforementioned literature that it is possible to induce proliferation of collagen in human ligaments using prolotherapy. The tissue that proliferates is a dense collagen and is associated with a reduction in pain. Mechanical back pain can be relieved by this method and other compensatory injuries prevented.

Proliferation, of course, means “rapid production.” What Prolotherapy rapidly and naturally stimulates is the production of collagen and cartilage. Collagen is a naturally occurring structural protein in the body that is a necessary element for the formation of connective tissue—the tissues that hold our skeletal infrastructure together. These tissues include cartilage, tendons, ligaments, muscle, and muscle fascia, and joint capsular tissue.

Prolotherapy stimulates collagen growth through a series of injections, not of collagen, but of mild chemical or natural irritants such as dextrose. Yes sugar water. This stimulates the immune system’s healing mechanism to produce collagen naturally. This process rejuvenates the soft tissue and can heal headaches, neck and back pain, tears in the rotator cuff of the shoulder, meniscal tears in the knee, elbow, wrist, and hand pain, arthritis, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, and foot and toe pain.

Marc Darrow, MD, JD
Assistant Clinical Professor UCLA School of Medicine

"Just an FYI, at this point Dr. Lavalle is the only EDS specialist whom we refer that those of us at the EDNF have heard of reccomending prolotherapy. I know Dr. Lavalle and respect him, but continue to agree with Slaponasmile. If you feel that it helps you, that is wonderful and we are really happy for you. But, none of us should blanket recommend any treatment for EDS - we are all so unique.

Sharing your personal experience and results are great, and we do thank you for doing so.

Triage Manager
Ehlers Danlos National Foundation"

"none of us should blanket recommend any treatment for EDS - we are all so unique."
This document makes blanket statements on how to manage our pain. I agree with many of the things listed on there, but I don't agree with some that are dangerous for us. We are all unique, so why should one unproven therapy be recommended over another one? Are there studies that prove that Acupuncture or Massage or Yoga or PT work for EDS?

PT is a recommendation but so many people with EDS are injured by PT because they don't know how to work with us properly. I was seriously hurt by a PT. Yoga is recommended but I have torn my knees and hip in yoga because I'm too loose to do it safely even with props!! I'm a massage therapist and I need massage to function. But I have been hurt by massage therapists that don't know how to work with a hypermobile client. So why are these listed as options but Prolotherapy isn't, when many of us have experienced significant benefits? I didn't make a blanket recommendation. I said it should be given as an option and it should be! If you can recommend Acupuncture or Yoga, you can recommend looking into Prolotherapy to manage pain. It's great you have Dr. LaValle as a resource but we all can't make a trip to him. So other Prolotherapy doctors around the country need to be researched so they can be refered to.

I am having my old surgeries (and unending injuries because I refuse to stop living as active of a life as possible) healed with Prolotherapy! Maybe EDNF and other EDS national groups should be raising money to fund research for EDS and Prolotherapy studies since many of us have had great results. But I am going to keep recommending it to everyone because it IS an OPTION. If we can choose to do yoga or acupuncture to help manage our pain then we need to know we can choose Prolotherapy.

Do you really want to look back on your life and see how wonderful it could have been had you not been afraid to live it.
Caroline Myss

Only those who dare, truly live. Ruth P. Freedman

Progress always involves risks. You can't steal second base and keep your foot on first. ~Frederick B. Wilcox

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What I am doing is giving people knowledge and the ability to make their own choices. I am giving them choices that they don't even know exist because MOST doctors either won't tell you about it or don't even know anything about it.
There are no studies because as someone else said, the drug companies can't patent the Prolotherapy solutions so there is NO big pharmico interest. If they can't make $ on it then they don't care if it works or not. Unfortunately that is how health care "rolls" these days. Why isn't EDNF and other EDS groups investing research money? EDNF has a doctor on their board that does the injections.

I don't know why you are so hung up on studies. There are studies done all the time that recommend new drugs and procedures and then end up harming people. There are no guarantees, study or not. Research surgeries and you will find the horrifying statistics about surgeries that are done every day and considered regular procedure but have horrible success rates.

I have been my own study. I chose to be a guinea pig because I was so crippled and had lost my entire lifestyle. What did I have to lose? Some money? Who cares. I'd rather stay broke paying for injections and be able to ride my bike and walk my dogs every day then wait around for studies that give me the thumbs up. I can't wait for insurance companies to cover this- I wanted my life back yesterday! And it's way less expensive than the head to toe surgery that had been recommended to me.

Two years ago I was walking with a walker and a cane- braced to the hilt. NOW I am not. There's your study. I did my own study, just like I did with Acupuncture, Massage, Yoga, PT, Chiropractic, CranioSacral, Watsu, Supplements, Surgery, Qigong, etc. I encourage people to Look outside the Western Medicine Box. There are a ton of ways to heal and manage pain that aren't recommended by a doctor BUT that work. Nobody is twisting anyone's arm.... I'm just giving hope to anyone out there that has struggled with crippling pain and injuries and is looking for an option. It's just a suggestion, it's just my opinion but I am d*mn well going to tell everyone I can about it after suffering for the last two decades. Especially because I didn't have to suffer as I have, if someone would have just recommended this treatment!! But I found it on my own, I researched it, I gave it a shot and here I am.

I thought that was why we are all here, to share our experiences. This is mine. You asked for research, I sent you a ton of research that helped me make a decision to try something, If you don't find it satisfactory, do your own research. I am just trying to share knowledge about something that has helped me and many of my clients. I like to help people find their way to what heals them... it is different for everyone but this is one of the ways that has worked- for me!! I am grateful for finding some relief and I hope this helps some of you looking to help yourselves!!

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OMG this was on my facebook page and says exactly what I was saying about why Prolotherapy doesn't have the research behind it that it should!!!

Pharmaceutical companies are not investing in this research because DCA method cannot be patented, without a patent they can’t make money, like they are doing now with their AIDS Patent. (cancer cure) notice/

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Just an FYI, I am not sure where you think the money is going to come from for research from EDNF or the other organizations as they are all non-profits and run by volunteers...i.e. no money.

Research is done every day by all kinds of groups...pharmaceutical research and big business research are miniscule when compared with the amount of research done through universities and medical centers like NIH and Johns Hopkins. It really is not all about making a the active studies being done right now at NIH and tell me how many are for the purpose of profits.

I have extensively researched prolotherapy as you suggest we should all do. Just like the "research" links you provided, I could not find any objective research other words, I could not find anything that wasn't written by the prolotherapist himself. Years ago, the makers of cigarettes wrote studies to say their product was safe and even beneficial. Should I smoke because the cigarette makers said it was ok? It was not until objective research was done that we all found out that cigarettes can kill you. I am not saying prolotherapy can kill you like cigarettes, but I am saying that I don't trust the words of the prolotherapists saying this is great any more than I should have listened to the cigarette makers.

And even if I decided I would trust every word a prolotherapist wrote, there is nothing written about EDS.

btw, the last two links you provided are the same thing with the rest being straight from the prolotherapists offices. I found better research on other sites.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and for trying something that has not yet been proven safe or effective in the EDS population. It is great to know all of the options available to us and it is up to each of us to evaluate their potential efficacy. Western, Eastern, Alternative, or Snake Oil...they all can be explored.

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Ditto to slap a smile on:

I too want to see concrete studies that are not from the people profiting from prolotherapy. Most insurances don't cover it and I'm not sold on it either. Most of my drs are very skeptical about it and I don't buy that there in a medical conspirancy. I do believe that they don't want to see my joints further damaged or injured by injecting something that is potentially harmful or that doesnt have specific scientific studies done. Even my chiro is against it and they are alot more open to non conventional medicines. I personally will not be injecting anything into my joints/ body without the approval of a MD that I trust and know. And when I have 4 different doctors all saying no including the ones that go for non conventional treatments I'm gomna say no.

I felt it important to add my comment because I urge other EDSers please act with extreme caution. As prolotherapy is NOT endorsed by the EDNF nor by any orthopedic surgeon or MD. I think it's very important that we advocate for our own bodies and I realize there are treatments that work for some and not others. If prolotherapy has helped you I think that's wonderful but I think we must always be cautious that we all are different and what worked for one person may have horrible repercussions in another. I would suggest consulting with your dr before you try any treatments or drugs even over the counter Meds.

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So glad to hear from one of Dr. Hauser's patients. I have been reading his newsletter for years. I actually got to refer a client from Chicago in the last few months that was visiting Austin! I just had my injections two weeks ago in my left ankle, knee, shoulder and wrist. It's amazing how much more stable I am becoming. I've been lifting weights again and hiking- 2 miles yesterday!! (with hiking poles for extra stabilization -two years ago I couldn't walk the dogs 4 blocks). The results have been great. It's a slow process when you have to do almost all your joints(but I also had insane laxity from injuries from extreme sports) but it's getting better every time. Good luck to you, it's worth every dime to get a piece of life back!

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At Fightin2Survive. I really am not trying to pick a fight here, but I just want the EDS world to know that I had never heard of prolotherapy until I saw Dr. Lavallee (on the EDNF Board) and he decided that prolotherapy might be beneficial for me a referred me to a physician that is a prolotherapist that he trusted. Both of my SI joints had me in tears every day and my hip was killing me. Dr. Cantieri was able to stabilize my SI joints and was the doctor that finally figured out that I had a very frayed hip labrum and needed surgery. I felt like an angle was placed in my lap. So yes, doctors are recommending prolotherapy to EDS patients.

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I'm a prolo patient too, and I also feel very passionate about it.

It sounds like there are some studies going on currently:

Hopefully we'll have more information from these studies in the next couple of years, but in the meantime, I'm going to continue treatment because it's working for me!

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I am not trying to pick a fight either....if something has worked for you that is great. I was just merely suggesting that just because it work for some doesn't mean it works for all. But if it does work for you that's wonderful. And I was just reminding others as with anything posted to check with your Dr. Before attempting or trying something. Thanks again I wish you the best in your eds journey and If something is working well for you than that is great.

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Well, I just here to comment my experience with my prolotherapy and neural therapy. I have been living with stabbing pain in neck, shoulder, and arm. Two and half weeks ago, I had the injections and my pain is no longer 10/10 and shoulder has not came out of the socket. I have had maybe 2 bad flareups post injections instead of everyday.

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That is awesome! I'm so glad to hear that other people are having great results with Prolotherapy too!

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On top of the positive results posted here I have had a bunch of people contact me privately and tell me about their positive experiences with prolotherapy. I am happy that their seems to be more doctors becoming specialists in this field. My doctor, Dr. Harris also has EDS. Its weird that a lot of the people trying to place doubt about it say u should listen to your Dr..... Well he is my doctor and he is an expert and an is his partner Dr. Wallace. They told me up front that with the severity of my EDS and injuries they didnt know how well I would respond, but the results have been better than we could have hoped for. I hope through this discussion some will make their own educated decisions. Dr.s dont know everything and many are not educated about this, doesnt mean it doesnt work. Many specialists saw me at top hospitals around the country and none figured out that I had EDS. Doesnt mean they are bad docs just uneducated about EDS symtoms. Im going to go hike before work bcuz its the first time in years that I Can!

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I have had great success with prolotherapy as well. My husband is in the military so I see mostly military doctors and can not civilians very easily at the post we are at now. I am many doctors, some are good and some are lacking to say it nicely. But I have been so lucky to have a physical medicine and rehab doctor that was trained very well on prolotherapy. He has never done it on an eds patient and did not know if it would help or hurt. But we had tried everything, as had my other doctors. I have tried eastern and western treatments. After giving my physical medicine doctor the book by Dr. Tinkle he has learned a lot. He had mentioned prolotherapy but he said lets do it after we have tried everything since there is not information out there with eds. So after trying everything with no positive results only to get worse . We decided to try it. We started with my pelvis as my hips would sublux easily 15-20x a day. We were going to do both sides but it was extremely painful the first time so we only did one side. It was so painful because the inflammation due to how often it subluxed. My doctor had never had anyone in this much pain as his others he had done prolotherapy on were not eds patients. What is humoring is that he had been bragging to his nurses how much pain I can handle before this. Well after my first treatment on my right side it went down from 20x a day subluxing to 3-4. Amazing results also the pain level decreased so much. I have now been able to do both sides together as it is not painful now since there is not inflammation as bad. I am done with my pelvis as it took 4 treatments total. But now they do not sublux at all. Every now and than I may feel it slide slightly but that is maybe once a month. With such amazing results we are going to do other joints as well. I would not have had these amazing results if i would have waited till something was published to tell me it had been successful with eds patients. I understand this is not for everyone and if you want to wait till something is published than definitely do that. For me knowing it has brought me amazing results I could not imagine waiting many more years just to see published results. I am doing my neck in 2 weeks. I am hoping for the same reults but I am not sure as we never know what will work for us eds patients. I would never let anyone near my neck if I did not trust them. My neck is my biggest problem but we wanted to see if i would have good results on a different body part before trying it on my neck. I will keep you posted. My hope is that if my neck does not sublux like my hips do now than I will be in less pain and be able to function more and not be on pain meds. We will also be doing my shoulders and wrists which are not as bad as my hips or neck but definitely cause a lot of pain and dislocations. I had tried everything. My doctor just yesterday said he is learning so much from me about eds and that will help him with other patients. He is shocked that after all the things we tried "sugar water" has had such a huge impact on my life in a good way. I think a lot of the results are definitely because he is good at it in fact he is actually a pefectionist. I have 5 children that all have eds as well and my oldest is going to be doing prolotherapy on her hips soon too. And no there is not any studies of its effect on eds patients or children that are still growing. And my doctor never would or has done a growing child but with my results and with my daughter being stuck on crutches or a wheelchair, it is worth it to try for us. I will keep you updated on our results.

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hi, i was diagnosed with eds 111 about 20 yrs ago(!) and personally i am v conservative about trying treatments that have not gone thru rigorous scientific testing etc. it is true that we are all v different. it is also true that a lot of 'alternative' treatments are called that for a reason: they have not yet been found to be safe and effective by the usual means to assure this - blind trials by disinterested parties, peer review, etc. i do not wish to be a guinea pig, and i am not paranoid about the medical community...

i shd add that in 1998 i left my hometown, s.f., to move to france as i cd not get health insurance at any price. i came here alone with 3 pets and all my goods, knowing no one here. i had already had 5 major c spine surgeries and when i got here realised i needed another operation (and eventually a 7th!) the 6th surgery was paid for by my private insurance which also did not cost a lot, and i even switched companies after the surgery but before the rehab, did not lie about this, and the 2nd co. paid for all the aftercare. i eventually married a scot, so a member of the e.u., which plugged me into the fr. s.s. system as the wife of a european, and as i was deemed at least 80% disabled by chronic illnesses (yes, i have others!), nearly ALL of my health care costs are paid in full, inc meds AND home dr's visits which they still do here! i don't like everything about the system here but wdn't complain and really hope that obama can get something similar pushed thru in the usa. btw, i also can choose my own drs.
good luck to all!

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This is very interesting. I will be researching this treatment as well. My finger arthritis (among others) is so bad that the bones actually hurt (at least that's what it feels like, not in the joint, well not just the joint). I did a quick google scholar search and found several articles (peer reviewed studies) with EDS and this treatment, one last year, the other older, like 2007, by Dr. Hauser. I typed in ehlers danlos syndrome and prolotherapy and they came up. I haven't read them yet, but it sounds like others have found success with Dr. Hauser, so his studies will be very interesting to read. Thanks for the information. I never would have known about this without everyone's information. Sadly, I checked the drs in my area and none of them are on my insurance. Still gonna search it out though. You never know when things chnage with insurance.

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Wow! Nothing causes debate like Prolotherapy I see! Well, here is my reluctant two cents. I've had both. For ME and only ME, Prolotherapy did not help. If it did, it was so short term that as soon as I was through with all areas, I had to start over again with the beginning and re-do my body again as I found it not to have lasting effects. Natuarally, for ME - I attributed it to the constant break-down of the collagen due to the process of MY EDS. Now the PRP on the other hand. That was covered by my health insurance surprisingly. I was in so much pain with torn rotator cuffs and torn labrums. Surgery was not an option and I could not deal with the pain. I was told the main difference was that PRP required about 3 visits to complete per area and Prolo about 5-6 but otherwise it worked similarlarly. In MY case, the PRP worked amazing! My shoulders tightened up - the pain reduced - and I had 3 treatments in each shoulder. It has been Dec of 09 and they are just now starting to do the thump, thump, thump that I so do not like. I am not an expert nor am I recommending treatment to anyone. I am simply stating that in MY situation only, the Prolo had no lasting effect, but the PRP did. The added benefit was my insurance also covered PRP so it was so easier on the checkbook as well. I would love to have a before and after MRI to compare what the results would have looked like...... That would be a great study but cost prohibitive as that wouldn't have been medically necessary in the insurance company's eyes. I got about 2 1/2 years of quality life with my shoulders that I wouldn't have had if I did not have the PRP. I had it done by a Medical Doctor with a guided UltraSound, etc. He was able to see exactly the areas that needed treatment and inject the platelets there. Prior to this, when I had foot surgeries, the foot surgeon would use PRP to inject blood platelets into the bones to promote healing because I never healed. This was prior to my EDS diagnosis with my feet surgeries. My shoulders were done after I had the EDS diagnosis. The main difference is PRP uses your own blood platelets to inject and Prolo uses dextrose. I would love to have the PRP repeated now before things deterioate to the point they were, but the Dr. has now moved and there aren't any providers that perform it that I've been able to find so far. Yes, during surgery of course - but injecting in joints like I had as the main form of treatment. That is hard to come by. I am a believer in that Prolo must work for some people, does not work for others. Just like some medications work for some people, not well in others. Also, I just had a tune-up Prolo (one injection) done in my right shoulder because I was hoping to stop the progress of it from subluxing or re-tearing. That was last Friday. It has seemed to help some so far. I think it should be treated just like a medication - if you're comfortable taking something a reputable Dr. recommends - that is your call and your call alone. If it works - Horray for you!! If it does not, then you stop taking it and move on. Or decide not to start it in the first place. Yes, we all are individual and one size does not fit all. I wish people on this page would be more supportive of each other instead of so mean. I see people only expressing what has worked for them - if folks want to try it, that's on them. If not, that's also on them.

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Gumby-Glad the PRP worked for you! I had success wth that as well but I cant fo the blood draw. My blood comes out too slow n coagulates before they can spin the platelets :( But you mentioned doing one round of prolotherapy and that isnt how it works . It takes 3-10 treatments per joint to get long lasting results. At least that is my understanding and experience. Sometimes there can be results after one round but that is not always the case. Multiple treatments make for lasting results. What a bummer your doc moved. Have u checked for another doc? Many of the prolotherapy docs do prp as well! Hope u find one!

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I just want to thank everyone here for sharing their honest opinions. After my appts in June with Drs. Francomano and Henderson, I will look into prolotherapy as an option. As many of you already know, I'm very disabled with headaches, neck pain, jaw pain and Burning Mouth Syndrome (which Dr. Hauser has suggested might be helped with prolotherapy).

I feel I need to have several imaging studies done first before I will proceed with anything. But, I do know that I need more help than pain meds can provide. Oh, and yes, I've tired both western and eastern medicine and spent thousands of dollars over the course of 20+ years trying to ease my pain. Any option presented here is helpful to all members in my opinion. It is up to each member to do their own research and speak with their own trusted medical professionals with any suggested course of treatment.

Again, thanks to all. Big, gentle hugs.

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I was reading one of the Prolotherapy newsletters that I get weekly and I thought I would share:
All the alternative treatments he writes about are supposed to work in a similar way, by stimulating the body’s own immune system. He very briefly explains shock-wave therapy, nitroglycerin patches, Prolotherapy, and a type of Prolotherapy called platelet rich plasma (PRP), which we do here at Caring Medical. All of these therapies work by drawing natural growth factors to an area of injury, some more directly than others. Prolotherapy has been around the longest and has the best track record for resolving such issues as low back pain, headaches caused by neck instability, torn meniscus in knees and many other joint problems. There are sixty-plus years of positive research on Prolotherapy and numerous ongoing studies. There are links to numerous studies on our web site, and one can do a search on PubMed and find many scholarly articles there also. We think your best bet to resolve a chronic or acute injury, non-surgically, in the least amount of time, is to get a type of treatment like Prolotherapy that has a proven track-record. Once you choose a type of treatment find a doctor who specializes in it and does it full-time. Dr. Hauser has been practicing Prolotherapy since 1993 and it is the main focus of what we do here at Caring Medical.

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Is Prolotherapy different than hyaluron injections? I had these in my knees, three rounds, and they didn't work. I couldn't really tell if they were different. I'm assuming they are. I will do more research on Prolo. Peaked my interest for sure.

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