Nightshade-free pizza sauce?

Can anyone recommend a way to make something that seems kind of like pizza sauce that is nightshade-free? My kids love pizza and I can use the rice cheese to keep them off dairy, but I need ideas for the sauce!

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There are a couple pizza recipes on here:

Also on here:

A lot of people seem to just use pesto in place of tomato sauce.

A jarred version: matoes-p-834.html?affiliate_banner_id=1&ref=348

If sweet potatoes are not considered nightshades (I was confused on this point), try: ecipe-gluten.html

Good luck:)

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I'm also a fan of more European pizzas that can have no sauce, but rather consist of really good dough topped with anything yummy, drizzled with good olive oil and baked. In some sense the oilive oil combines withe juices/ spices from the toppings to nake a sauce.
- Christi

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'White' sauce is olive oil and whatever herbs they like. Usually it ends up being yummier than red sauce.

For something different and quick, you might try , a thyme based herb mixture. It is sold at Whole foods.

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I would recommend either white pizza or pesto sauce

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Like the others - pizza with fresh mozzarella or ricotta, parmesan, slow cooked onions or wild mushrooms, some italian cured meats - olive oil - olives, anchovies .... sometimes topped with a light green salad like arugula with evoo and lemon juice and cracked black pepper...

I think you can also thin & puree any canned cooked bean you like and season and spread - as an alternative to pesto - then add cheese

Some folks do make a white sauce - mayonnaise based flavored with pesto - higher calorie but really good with some roasted zucchini, yellow squash.....

And lastly for a really good Asian influenced pizza I used to use Hoisin Sauce - like a sweetish bbq sauce - as the sauce and then top with roasted duck, carmelized onions....

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Sry... Just noticed I left out the name of the thyme mixture... It is called Zartar. Mix it with olive oil and spread

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