Has anyone tried to apply for disability while still working fulltime?

I'm still working full time but I take a beating everyday. I'm on heavy pain medication multiple times a day and still when I get home all I can do is go immediately to bed my body is worn out to do anything else. It's gotten worse since I had a fall on the job about a year and a half ago. I'm still attending pain management for that incident.

I have a couple of doctors you keep telling me I should not be working anymore. I'm told best to apply for disability in a. When you're unemployed. How I go about this while I'm still employed?

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I'm keeping an eye on this post because I'm thinking the same thing. I'm working part time from home and having a hard time keeping up too. It's like I only have so much of self to give and some days I feel like I give it all to my work and none to my family, if that makes any sense at all.

Sorry I don't have any useful information. I hope you feel better soon.

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you need to go thru your employer's benefits dept: they are obligated to keep your inquiry confidential, and it is a start to find out what the criteria and process are. you are "lucky" to be working, since SSDI takes forever to get approved, so you will have disability income from your employer in the interim.

you cannot apply (or win) SSDI if working full-time: it defeats the purpose! and unfortunately you cannot go directly from working full-time to being 100% retired-as-disabled, even if you are working despite how much pain you are in... we get screwed that way, trying to push ourselves, and it sucks. i was in the same position as you were: i finally took a medical leave (limited to the max of 3 months/ year by my employer), then went back part-time, before going thru the grueling process of being declared disabled, and then retiring-as-disabled.

you cannot get even short term disability until you have been off work for 3 months, and SSDI has even longer waiting periods. your employer cannot fire you for a medical leave = discrimination. they are also obligated by law to try to accommodate your disabilities "within reason". this info is available from the american disability act.

bonne chance, and please do not punish your one and only body by working until you actually do drop? it benefits no one, and you deserve the benefits you have been paying into (took me a long time to accept that, there was always someone "sicker" to me, so i hesitated for a long long time).

your physician can help you as well to explain if they think you'd qualify for SSDI, based on your current health.

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SSA uses Substantial Gainful Employment or SGA to determine your initial eligibility. SGA is currently set at $1000/month. So while technically you could apply while working if making less than $1000/month it is frowned upon and can complicate your case.

There is quite abit of info on the board about filing for disability. Just search SSD.

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I don't know if this post will help any. "Bohman" is my husband and he works for Maryland DDS, working on SSDI claims daily so, he may be of some help in this area and is more than willing to answer any questions you may have. You can PM him if you would like too. Here is the link to the discussion http://www.inspire.com/groups/ehlers-danlos-national-foundation/discussion/ disability-ssi-overpayments-being-targeted/?reply_sort=asc&page=1#replies

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Has anyone had social security disability --- and then come up for review? I was told at the conference it's easy - a no-brainer - that once you are 'in' it's that the burden of proof is upon them to prove you can work or became "un"disabled... I never take anything lightly or as a no brainer - and am anxious about it all - even though it could be yet a year or two before it comes up. I use a walker now in my house and can have bursts of activity that border normal - while on consistent daily dosing of prescription pain medication and muscle relaxants.... but they are just that ' short bursts ' and then I'm down for the count. I recently took up a volunteer position at church and the one hour presentation on how to do the job - had me confused and bleary eyed - and once again wondering what the heck is wrong with me - I'm medicated - yes.... but what is it about this brain fog - this confusion & difficulty comprehending etc... Is it that I'm just too distracted by my own issues? Is it stress? I don't want this job to be yet another failure - but I was no 'star student' on oreintation day.... I also missed a program on a wed. nite that I committed too - I just get too fatigued. But when do people see me to judge me? When I'm out of the house feeling my best - (otherwise I wouldn't leave the house, eh?) --- Invisible disability is a huge pain in the ______. But things surely could be worse that's for sure..... Like the young woman at the conference who decides to run a marathon????? She's disabled - and running a marathon???? I'm not sure that really helps our effort and describing what life is like (plus she messed up her body royally doing that) --- While my little efforts at normal life might feel like a marathon - and are short duration perhaps like a marathon - only a day or so - and I'm flat out in bed recovering and resting and moaning and groaning...... Kinda like "she's up!" "she's down!"

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I applied two days ago. Yesterday, I was called by an attorney. He said he would not win the case if I was working AT ALL. He said they go up against 5 different red tape departments at social security to win a case. Each department wants to prove we can work in some field. He did not think he would win on "just" EDS. He is using my cancer for the reason. I guess it was not so much about pain because my cancer don't hurt except with bowel obstructions, head aches, and requires a lot of surgeries which the EDS complicates. My neck, arthritis, and other body parts are what hurts & the Dysautonomia and POTS make it tough. The total reason I cannot work is really my dementia. I have been battling that since 2005 with great notes and reminders, but of course it does not go away and gets worse. Then I cannot use the phone because of the CAPD. Hmmm. I don't know what job they would possibly suggest I retrain for. He said he needed t see that I was out of work and could NOT even work or go to part time school or play with a dog. Of course I cannot have pets... I forget to feed them! Their smells make me sick. We have two wild cats and two possums that kick it outside so we feed them. That is my excuse for pet. They are not in the fenced yard area, but stay in the open field area. We don't get near the possums because they hide. I would seek the advice of an attorney before messing up the case. It is rumored they will try to twist what you say. Such as "I pet my cat for about two minutes every day" (if the cat is lucky) becomes I own a pet. I don't. I just call the free cat mine; I call the possum .. my possum. How could a feral cat and a possum be mine? Lazy English. It is easier to say it, but they can twist it up because of the English language I am saying it is MINE as in ownership rather than it lives on our land as impostors that we decided to feed because they are cute impostors. That is about all he said.. no work ... husband income has to be very low, but we have to stay separated because of the stupid health insurance rules (or he could quit is job which I am favor of!). So, household income matters.

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If they video tape me running a 1/25 of a mile (I can walk very slow for miles).. but if I ran one, they would need to video tape the next three days of crying in pain and drugging myself with any drug that did not make me sick. I decided to go down a hill on a sled one time about 11 years ago. I hurt so bad for a week! My neck cried and cried. I was so thrilled to do it. I was on my anniversary with my husband and been a bummer the whole time. I finally gave in. If someone had video taped my five minutes of joy, they could have claimed I was fine.. but they would have been liars. Videos do not always tell the whole story. A marathon does not tell the whole story or consequences she may have been willing to face to accomplish her goal.

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I was going to say Yes since until 12mths ago I.was still teaching on a supply basis full time but then I saw from the other comments that your US based where as I'm in the UK so its different . Here disability living allowance is nothing to do with work. There are plenty of disabled people that can work but it depends what the job is and what the diaability is. My vochal chords are pretty much wrecked so that along with the usual pain of HEDS means I can no longer teach. I have been onto my union and they're suggesting I see occupational health and then apply for ill health retirement

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