Hey everyone!
Does anyone have experience with Gabapentin?

Before my EDS Diagnosis.... they put me on this after a car accident. I actually never took it because 1. I did not really like or trust the first doctor I saw; and 2. The second doctor I saw did not think it was my nerves at all. (I trusted him, and he sent me to physical therapy)

Now.... I have the EDS Diagnosis and possible fibromyalgia.

In the past two years... I have had 3 knee surgeries and 4weeks ago I had shoulder stabilization surgery. Thursday and Friday I worked long days and I had physical therapy after work. I had a horrible pain response to all of the work and PT. I almost went to the emergency room Friday night....I was able to make it to Saturday morning and went to the walk-up clinic. They almost sent me to the E.R. but instead they got a hold of my shoulder surgeon. He was able to give some suggestions and they got my pain under better control and gave me oxycodone and gabapentin. (I see my surgeon later this week to make sure the surgery is okay)

So now I am on gabapentin.... I talked to my physical therapist today... he really likes that I was put on gabapentin because he has seen me after all of my surgeries and he knows how I respond to surgery. He said "your body has never responded well to any surgery. Your body never heals great or normal. I hate to say this... but almost like complex regional pain syndrome or like RSD. I think gabapentin might be a good thing to try"

Is anyone else on gabapentin? Thanks everyone!

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I tried that drug too, but it made me dull all over. Apparently, this drug isn't nearly as effective as people think:

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I am on Gabapentin for Fibro. It has really helped me a lot. Before, I was waking up several times a night from pain. Now, I am able to sleep through the night. I still hurt every day (especially now that it is cold) but I do not have sharp pains that take your breath away.

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I have been on gabapentin for a little over a year now, but I am very slowly beginning to taper off of it due to other health conditions which will likely require other treatments, rendering the gabapentin unnecessary. It improved my pain levels by between forty to percent once I got to a high enough dose. I was taking 2700mg a day. It particularly helped with shoulder pain and upper back pain for me.

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I've been on gabapentin for almost a year. It has really helped me a lot. I had trouble getting up in the mornings due to back and neck pain and now I feel almost normal in the mornings and throughout the day. The only significant side effects I've noticed are weight gain (15 lbs) and some days I get really drowsy. I think the benefits of the pill definitely outweigh the side effects though.

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Im glad to hear this feedback. Perhaps I'll note on the site that anecdotal evidence is more positive. On the other hand, I wonder how many folks tried it and had to give it up due to side effects, the worst being dizziness.

This could be one of those meds that works very well for some, and not at all for others - another reason pain patients should be allowed to try all possibilities, even medications that haven't been proven to work in a *majority* of patients. For instance, I don't care if opiates don't work for other people with Fibromyalgia - they are working for me, no matter what the studies might say!

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I've been on it for a year as well without any problems. The only issue is weight gain. I shudder to think how more weight I'd if I upped the doseage.

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I am on it too and it has really helped the nerve pain I get in my legs. Without it I would be using morphine most days so for me a no brainer. Plus no weight gain for me either. I have dizziness but have POTS too, so not sure if gabapentin is the culprit or the POTS. T x

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My rheumatologist put me on Gabapentin a few months ago. I have worked up extremely slowly, and got to what is still a small dose of 300 mg 2x day. Once I hit that point, though, I started to have major sleep disruptions (I wake up between 1:00 am and 3:00 am wide awake, and if I do get back to sleep it's like I'm having fever dreams, and not fully asleep) as well as a lot of dizziness and feeling fuzzy-headed. I've now started to slowly back it down in order to go off it, but so far at 200 mg 2/day I am still having the sleep issues. I feel that for me, my pain is largely mechanical, not nerve-related, and so far haven't found anything medication-wise that makes much difference. Given that the side effects are negatively affecting me at the same time that my pain is the same, I feel it's not for me. As a person already prone to anxiety and a diagnosis of POTS, I suspect that it is also provoking more anxious feelings, another negative. I think the main thing my rheumy will be able to do for me at this point is help me prove a hot tub is medically necessary.

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I tried it and it did nothing for my Fibro. I also tried Meloxicam, Venlafaxine and Topiramate and none of those worked for me either.

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I was on a low dose for a month and had to come off it because it made me very, very brain-fogged and lowered my already low blood pressure to the point where I couldn't stand without passing out. It did help my pain some, but I think only because I was too out of it to notice that everything hurt...for the entire month. Side effects never wore off for me even slightly, it was terrible.
That said, I have heard some people get good results from it, and for one of my EDS friends it's been her miracle med. Everyone is different.

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Over the years, I have tried numerous medications for paincontrol including mood altering medications. Always the side effects or toxicity were too severe. Gabapentin was attempted in 2011 prior to spinal fusion. Increased anxiety and night terrors occurred. Both being something I've never had prior or since. But for all of us, we need to keep our minds opened to ideas that may help!

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