Fused bones or bones that grew together in joints?

Has anyone else found out that they have had bones grow together in any of their joints because of EDS? I have to have surgery because of this in my ankle and I'm just curious if this is "common" for EDSers or if I'm just associating a completely separate issue because its also joint related. Thank you!

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I have a tarsal coalition in my ankle (bones fused) but thank god they did not operate because I do horribly with surgery - poor wound healing etc. My ankles still hurt 30 years later but not nearly as bad and I was doing competitive gymnastics. But I would check with an EDS expert before doing any surgery - it may be like spinal fusion, if they fuse two joints the ones on the other sides get loose

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My neck fused by itself but no other place in my body yet. Mine is related to EDS. My ankles dislocate and get stuck and I have to reset them but have no other natural fusions.

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My wife has this for two of her vertebraes that are almost fused together. Never thought it could be EDS related until now.

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My feet went from narrow high arch to flat foot with arthritis in my metarsal bone. My left foot had three bone-on-bone joints. The physician said it is much more advanced than anyone my age he has ever seen (probably EDS.) After ten years of pain this foot has fused.

I’ve hear that joint fusion occurs naturally over time and that arthodesis (bone-fusion) surgery only speeds up what would be a natural process. So as my right foot gets more painful I am weighing the surgery against waiting ten years for the natural process.

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My 12yr old son just had an Mri of his neck...His C2and C3 are completly fused together....was wondering if this was EDS related too....

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Sorry, I meant to say "had to have" not "have to have". I'm lucky and I actually don't have the issues with healing that most EDSers do, so I did have the surgery. I had a calcaneonavicular coalition. Basically I had two bones naturally grow together and they had to cut them apart so that I could bend my ankle. I just didn't know if it was possible that this was EDS related to the extent that "normal" people would have cartilage in that space, which wouldn't allow for the bones to grow together...? Just a thought.

It does sound like it is definitely common for fusions to happen in the neck with EDS though... :o(

Thanks everyone! :o) Kat

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