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I have been having a problem with my shoulder coming out for about 2 months now. Its doing it pretty much daily, and its so painful to put back in. I tried to do the sits bath before and after I put it back in and honestly I found that after it went back in a little better. Way still painful but a little better. Does anyone else do this or do you have another easier way??

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Hi, my left shoulder does that. I went into Emerg the first time it dislocated 6 times in a day. The doctor said as he was rotating my arm "that just doesn't happen" after he popped it in and out 4 more times, he was like "ohh I think I've read about this in a text book somewhere!" I was not amused. I ended up in a brace that secured my arm to my body for 6 weeks. He told me that in order to make it stop I need to stabilize the muscles and tendons and refrain from any movement for that amount of time. It worked. That was 15 yrs ago and now when I have dislocated anything I immediately wrap it up or brace it for at a week or too and it does minimize the damage and helps a lot.

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Mine isn't terribly painful but definitely not comfortable either.. but my shoulder (s) pops out in my sleep usually.. one of the first things I do in the morning is relocate it.. usually by either rotating or lately 'slugging' the air seems to work best. It's tender for a while then settles down again.

It's been a while since I've done it.. but I used to find epsom salt baths very helpful for easing joint pain. I quit when I had lost so much weight that the tub hurt against my bones. I've gained back some.. but am losing again.. sigh so not sure if it's worth it yet or not (GI problems are making it hard to eat, hence the excessive weight loss, sorry tangent there). But anyway from what I remember.. it can be very helpful to fill as big a tub as you can with as hot a water as you can stand and a couple cups of epsom salts :)!

I even read somewhere of a epsom salt lotion.. but have never tried it myself.. sounds promising at least to me!

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