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Does anyone know where I can find an EDS Awareness Ribbon?
Does EDS have an awareness Ribbon? If not...I think we should have one.
EhlersDanlosNetwork.org shows a ribbon but I can't find a place to purchase it.

I really like this one which is a Zebra print: www.cafepress.com/+ehlersdanlos_sticker_oval,174411826

I would love to hear what other think...

Thank you.

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We've had a couple. None has lasted long. Ribbons aren't a centralized idea, there isn't someplace to register an awareness ribbon as an official one. Try looking at http://www.craftsnscraps.com/jewelry/ribbons.html just to give you an idea of how widespread the awareness ribbon has become. Even Wikipedia lists 21 different colors/patterns for over 100 cause, and EDS is listed as having a zebra-pattern, along with Rare Disease awareness and Carcinoid & Neuroendocrine tumor awareness. It may be time to rethink, though. If EDS really is six times more common than previously thought, along the lines that Dr. Grahame pointed out at the conference, EDS isn't a rare disease at all.

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What would everyone like the EDS awareness ribbon to look like?

My suggestions are either:

- black and white zebra print satin awareness ribbon
- gold grosgrain awareness ribbon

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I think the zebra is cool, but I'm partial to a rubber band ribbon :)

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what might be interesting and would certainly set us apart. not to mention also make sure everyone knows that we are a positive group. what about rainbow zebra print. i just bought a back pack for school that is rainbow colored but with a zebra print as well. i quite like zebras you see, i collect them, have since i was a small child so i have alot of zebra stuff.

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I lke that idea too- I think a Zebra print with a light rainbow outline and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome on the ribbon- I would have it plastered EVERYwhere if we could get one made. On t-shirts, pens, bags...I think the foundation should get something together.

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Sue Hopkins (see her on facebook) sold some balck/white striped ribbons at the EDNF conference. There are aslo black/white rubber bracelets that say "because Zebras exist"...try contacting EDNF.org

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I love the rubber band idea!!!! That is soooo creative!!

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Ooooh those magnets look nice! I hope to get one in the future :)

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I love the Ribbon Car Magnet- I am going to order one- We should see if EDNF would be able to sell it on the website!

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