Doctor, or Physical Therapist near Winston-Salem, NC?

I'm going to college right now in Winston-Salem North Carolina, and I'm looking for a doctor or physical therapist, mostly because I need ring splints. It's *really* hard to get to see anyone while I'm at college, but I'm in absolutely desperate need of ring splints(I'm a flute major, between flute and piano practice, all the joints in my fingers literally bend backwards whenever I put any real pressure on them to do anything, and they're really, really starting to hurt) and I'm hoping to try to get fitted for them over Thanksgiving break.

I'm not going home, but my parents are coming down here and will be able to drive me to a doctor within an hour or two. Does anyone have any recommendations of anyone who would be good to see that could fit me for ring splints ASAP?

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Dr. Tamison Jewett at Brenners. She is a geneticist but she has many contacts in the area.
She diagnosed both of my sons with EDS-H.

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Does anyone know EDS doctors and pts in Raleigh area? Also need an eye doctor.

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We live in Raleigh, what type of doctor and pediatrics or adult?

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I am looking for an adult GP. i am getting fed up with who I see now. Also is there a Rhumi or other EDS specialist in Raleigh?

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I like Dr Stuart levin at Wake internal medicine, he listens and actually reads reports that I bring him.
I also like Dr Strader at NC Arthritis and Allergy as well as De Irene Whitt at Duke Rheumatology.
Dr Charles Matthews at NC comprehensive Headache is also a good doctor to have on your team, he is very caring, open minded and is great with knowledge about helpful medications. Believe me, it has been trial and error to find some that dont roll their eyes

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Thanks for the referal list. I have been having a hard time finding knowledgable people. Now I know who to go to.

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