Crazy Shoulder disloc dance on Toyota commercial

Has anyone else seen a new Toyota Corolla TV commercial in which there is a guy doing this very strange sort of mined running/dancing.

Don't know what to call it but this is what it looks like he's doing.
He's wearing a red long sleeve shirt and slow motion running in place on an urban front porch. The striking thing is this... he reaches both arms backwards, dislocates both shoulders and while holding them horizontal to the ground and at shoulder height...he moves his arm in a crazy waving motion as if his arms are a red scarf blowing behind him as he runs. It's pretty amazing to see.

Of course, my eyesight isn't great so maybe they are doing this via animation or some other camera trick. When I see those GIECO commercials with the talking gecko lizard I can hardly believe how realistic that little guy is!
If that guy in Toyota commercial is legit then he must have EDS!

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I saw him, too, and dh and I both said, "Look! He must have EDS!"

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There's actually a style of dance out there called "Bone breaking" or "flexing". It's almost like a pop locking sort of thing where people dislocate their shoulders and move them in crazy ways. My first thought when I saw it before was also "Wow he must have EDS!" Regardless of if he has it or not though...that has got to be soooo bad for their joints.

Here's a crazy video:

All I can think is this kid is probably going to regret this in about 20 years!

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Kinda wish I hadn't watched that video...that which has been seen cannot be unseen.
I wonder if that is the same person who did the Toyota commercial?

Certainly I agree, he should not be doing that to his shoulders, EDS or not.

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I thought the same thing! "That guy has eds!" And also a little bit of "I can do that!" Lol

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