colonoscopy with vascular eds

Wondering about a colonoscopy in a veds patient. How does the risk of rupture from the traditional scope compare to the risk from the distention of the bowel in a virtual colonoscopy? Should a veds patient have a colonoscopy as an outpatient or should the risk of complications lead to test being done in hospital with anesthesia and surgeons nearby?

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Please contact Dr. Nazli B. McDonnell, M.D., Ph.D. at the National Institute of Health. Her email is
She can give you recommendations. She really helped my husband in an emergency situation regarding a scope and the doctor listened to her recommendations. She is researching VEDS at NIH and is so knowledgeable. Here is her bio page:

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Thanks so much.

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We were told that invasive tests such as colonoscopy and angiogram should only be performed in absolutely necessary situations only. It was stated in the letter I received from U of W where my test was done.

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Quite right, they should be avoided if possible. The risk of bowel rupture is significant enough on it's own without adding extra risks. That said, I had a traditional one prior to my dx and had no issues. A friend had the virtual CT one and found it very painful and said she would never do it again.

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I have a colonoscopy every year with my vascular eds. I just take prophlatic DDAVP prior to any invasive procedure which has worked for me. I also have a platelet disorder.

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Hi Obitsfan,
May I ask ~ what is your platelet disorder?

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