Calcuim Deposits in lower legs

Yesterday I had x-rays for ankle bracing which showed dozens of what looked like water spots to me, the orthopedist said he had never seen anything like them before and asked the radiologist. The radiologist believes they are calcium deposits. These are all through the soft tissue and muslcle of my lower legs. Some as small as a pin head or as big as a pumpkin seed and all sizes in between.

I read last night that calcium deposits can be quite painful but I couldn't find any information as specific as what I have been shown. The radiologist said that they are benign but if it is true that they can cause pain, it may answer the question about why I am sometimes too sore to walk?? Then again, that could be the EDS or Fibromyalgia.

Just wanted to throw this out there and see if anyone else has ever heard of or experienced a large amount of calcium deposits in soft tissue and muscle. Thanks!

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I found this:
"Occasionally, trauma may result in breaks in the connective tissue of the skin so that the underlying fat herniates and later develops calcium deposits. This results in pea to grape-sized bumps ordinarily over the elbows and knees which are sometimes called "pseudotumors". In addition, patients with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome may have small, hard calcified lumps under the skin which probably are related to injury and subsequent repair. These processes are in no way dangerous, and are not related to cancer." 8889265

Perhaps you have the "hard calcified lumps under the skin" as opposed to standard calcium deposits?

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Thanks ceindeg!

I agree about the term hard calicified lumps instead of deposits. I think my only concern about this now is, is this what has been causing all of my leg pain and how do I get rid of them or do I even need to?

I have to admit, I have a pretty good team of doctors so when one of them says they don't know what something is, well, it makes me a little nervous.

I am diligent about personal research to the point that I don't scare myself to death :-) My daughter scares herself into the ER all the time, but she is usally right about something going wrong with her body. She doesn't have EDS but she has problems from the other half of the gene pool.

Thank again for the information. Have a great day!

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