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My entire swelling conjointly gets eliminate

  • By PitkarMarya · New reply 4:06 am
  • Discussion in Hypermobile EDS (Type III) · 1 reply
  • I set Complexiderm, that is has ability to offer the outcomes higher than any variety of medical aid, its entire formula is organic base likewise because it offers you ensured outcomes, and gets even ...

I know what I's a's a plane

  • By butterflygirlbecky · New reply 2:54 am
  • Discussion in Humor · 1 reply
  • Hey everyone. Hope ya'll are having a great Thursday. It's been rainy and downright nasty here. I just thought I'd perk you guys up with a silly thought I had this morning. I was doing my usual routine ...

Reproductive/Pregnancy Issues

  • By IntentionalOblvn · New reply 2:46 am
  • Discussion in General discussion · 14 replies
  • I'm interested in any problems any of you have experienced either with pregnancies, or reproductive organ structural issues, or even hormonal things. Have an appointment set and I started telling my mom ...

EDS Type 6B

  • By clifford4506 · New reply 2:04 am
  • Discussion in Newly diagnosed · 5 replies
  • Hi all!!! Our adopted 8 year old daughter just tested positive for EDS 6 and our Genetics doctor told us if he could he would label it as 6B, however that label is rarely used these days…..we where told ...


  • By ehlersdanlosteen · New reply 1:58 am
  • Discussion in Pain management · 1 reply
  • Hi I have eds type 3. I was wondering if any of yall go to a pain management doctor and if so what do you do there? I also wanted to know if acupuncture helps any of yall with joint pain. I have pain ...

Is there a doctor in the house?

  • By Nina-V · New reply 1:39 am
  • Discussion in Hypermobile EDS (Type III) · 2 replies
  • I live in New Hampshire (new England area) Are there any EDS specialists in the area? Any that someone would suggest ...

Death with Dignity - Recent news item

  • By CentaurInaChinashop · New reply 12:24 am
  • Journal · 84 replies
  • Just saw a story on CNN about death-with-dignity. It isn't on their web site yet, but I found the following links to the story, and to the Oregon law that enables it. (Apparently it is currently legal ...

Excrutiating pain in the middle of the night

  • By Jasaho · New reply yesterday at 11:46 pm
  • Discussion in Hypermobile EDS (Type III) · 7 replies
  • Good morning! Twice in the last two weeks, I have been awoken by an an unbelievable pain in my abdomen that felt like a hot knife was going through my stomach . I wasn't able to move easily, finally got ...


  • By kandamom · New reply yesterday at 11:27 pm
  • Discussion in Parents of children with EDS · 9 replies
  • Can anyone recommend a mattress brand or type that has worked well for their child? My daughter is 4 and a half. Thank you ...

EDS Philly Fall Meeting! (Saturday, November 8)

  • By tigerbomb · New reply yesterday at 10:48 pm
  • Discussion in Local support groups · 1 reply
  • The Ehlers-Danlos Support Group of Greater Philadelphia cordially invites you to our spring meeting! We welcome people with diagnosed or suspected EDS, their families, and their friends. TIME: Saturday ...

Northeast Louisiana

  • By duaine24 · New reply yesterday at 7:42 pm
  • Discussion in Local support groups · 2 replies
  • Looking for local support groups and doctors who specialize in EDS and POTS. Any Suggestions ...

Anesthesia and EDS

  • By ZebraG · New reply yesterday at 6:17 pm
  • Discussion in Pain management · 5 replies
  • I have had many surgical procedures in my life and for nearly all of them I was not given enough anesthesia and would wake during the middle of the surgery, in pain but often paralyzed and not able to ...

Kansas City Doctor Needed!

  • By geneac1 · New reply yesterday at 3:59 pm
  • Discussion in Hypermobile EDS (Type III) · 2 replies
  • Hello- I am looking for a Doctor for my wife. My wife recently lost her Social Security and we are appealing are appealing the decision. Her lawyer believes the main issue is that my wife's amazing doctor ...

Nebraska Support Group Started

  • By Kimberley76 · Posted yesterday at 2:51 pm
  • Discussion in Local support groups · 0 replies
  • Good day, I wanted to let individual in the Omaha Nebraska area know that a new support group has been set up. If you are interesting in the details, email ...

New EDS video on PT/Exercise

  • By EDSerMark · New reply yesterday at 10:01 am
  • Discussion in Exercise · 8 replies
  • Just added a YouTube video, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Physical Therapy and Exercise, over at (to go directly to this particular video, JeQ ...

mast cell disorder

  • By Tinatobin · New reply yesterday at 9:03 am
  • Discussion in General discussion · 11 replies
  • Has anyone been diagnoses with a mast cell issue even though test results were negative ...

What is "POTS"?

  • By Ancientwind · New reply yesterday at 8:05 am
  • Discussion in Newly diagnosed · 1 reply
  • I don't know what POTS is in the context of EDS. I am a newly diagnosed. Tom ...

deformed looking body

  • By lindalouise · New reply yesterday at 6:56 am
  • Discussion in Bones, joints and muscles · 3 replies
  • I will soon be 64 years old and am finally being diagnosed with eds. My question is why my body (upper mostly) looks like a bag of bones with too much skin. I have other issues and don't know for sure ...

Aortic Root 4.2cm and POTS management in HEDS

  • By Sashamay23 · New reply yesterday at 6:01 am
  • Discussion in Artery / heart / cardiovascular issues · 3 replies
  • So Ive been having issues with what I'm fairly certain is POTS- HR has been averaging 120's when I'm upright for the last several months, increases to 140's-150's at times of prolonged standing (gradually ...

Leg Braces and clothes

  • By deargod · New reply yesterday at 5:42 am
  • Discussion in Hypermobile EDS (Type III) · 5 replies · Photos
  • Hi, I'm new here. I have been diagnosed with Eds hypermobility . We are on a waiting list for a geneticist to hopefully rule out Vascular EDS. Myself and all 3 of my kids need to be fitted for various ...

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