gastro paresis

my 30 yr old daughter who has type 1 diabetes (20 yrs)now has gastro paresis, for about a year now. she is miserable, can't eat much, always nausea and vomitting. i read she needs a low residue diet, does anyone know what that means or know any suggestions on foods to eat??

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i have gastritis and maybe gastroparesis (nobody will do a colonscopy on me), but anyway, there is a post on here for it. I know instant potatoes are good for me, when i'm having a flare up. the only thing i can take to make things move along, so to speak, is Colace, b/c my kidneys are going poopy (ha,ha little funny there)......if you have trouble finding it, check in Groups in Digestive Disorders and i'm sure you will find a wealth of info

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oops, my bad, you are already here (sorry long day, change in meds) .... use the 'find it' option at the top of the page.

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Hi, Monna. A low residue diet is generally what is recommended, if food can be tolerated. I would suggest checking out the AGMD GI Motility Disorders Support Community (another group on Inspire). Lots of people there have gastroparesis (including myself), and there have been a lot of discussions regarding diet, medications, etc. The people tend to be very supportive and have a lot of good advice. Good luck!


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The book Diabetes Solution by Richard Bernstein MD has a chapter (very substantial) on GP. Dr. Bernstein himself is a type 1 diabetic. The book could be very helpful -- a great reference. I read it several years ago and keep it as a reference.

take care.

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