Can't Burp ;(

For the last few months I can't burp. I have a pressure in my stomach that hurts.. but I have to end up leaning forward and shoving my fist into my stomach to burp..

When I had endoscopy the doc said I had hiatal hernia, but when they did the upper GI swallow it was not there.. I have had no surgeries.. I do have a long history of GERD.. which is odd don't you think..meaning that things should come up easy?

What do you think this could be, anyone have this issue?

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Hi GutPain,

I too have a problem with not being able to burp. It gets so bad at times that I am afraid that it might be my heart and not the GERD that I have. I too only get relief from the pressure is to cram my finger down my throat. When I have had to do this my family thinks I might be choking as there is so much gas coming up it sounds like I was in a tunnel. It is embarrassing as it doesn't matter where I am, if a burp comes out I am not going to stop it at all. My son laughs at me, but do you think I care? NO!

I am on heartburn medicine but don't like to take it as it causes me to have to sit in the bathroom if you know what I mean. If you have any ideas let me know.


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Nikki.. When was the last time you had endoscopy to look at whats going on in the esophagus?

I know mine is screwed up from 22 years of clinical GERD.. I was also told I have the hiatal hernia that can cause this too..

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I have never had a endoscopy done. I started to have problems with the GERD when they put me on prednisone. I am on that because I have pulmonary sarcoidosis. I also have a hiatal hernia but the doctor's don't seem too worried about that. All that my pcp and pulm have been concerned about was whether or not they could get my lungs under control. I am going to make another appointment with my pcp to see what if anything he can do about the GERD. Not only my body, but also my insurance can put up with a certain type of medicine. I have had this problem for 15 months so far. I am in hopes that they can find something that will work. As far as that endoscopy goes I am almost afraid to have it done. I more in likely will get sick all over the place. Do they put up to sleep, or is it like when I had the heart cath done?
Today has been a good day and I hope that you have had a good day too.


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Niki, I just had an endoscopic ultrasound done on Wednesday.. They offered two different sedations. You won't be awake, you won't remember anything when you wake up.. it's like you were never asleep..

On this endoscopy they said they did not see any hiatus hernia, no barrettes esophagus.. I just don't get it.. how one doc says he sees something and then another to say it's not there.. but when you ask this " did the other guy miss it?" they will not give you a straight answer..

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This sounds just like my Mother. She can't burp therefore she can't swallow. They tell she's eating too fast and swallowing too much air, or it's just gas.
Bologna! She's going to see a degestive Dr. the 1st
of June, hope they find out what it is she's really suffering.


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I am 25 years old and have had all the same problems with not being able to burp my whole life and having stomach problems because of it. I have actually learned to burp. It's strange and amazing. I suspect there to be something physically similar that all of us have in common that kept it from being a natural reaction, but at least with me... over the last 4 months or so, I've gotten to the point where I can actually burp when I need to most of the time. I still can't belch on command or burp the ABCs, but when I feel the need to burp, I can do certain things with my chest, shoulders, neck, jaw, and throat to make a burp happen (sounds more complicated than it actually is once I got the hang of it). Sometimes they're small and sometimes they are big. It did not completely fix my stomache problems, but it is better and i can now better understand which foods upset my stomach, and I can explain it in no other way than to say that it is absolutely glorious. I'm interested to see if I can help anyone else learn how to do this. Feel free to email me at if you would like more information and assistance learning to burp. I hope your search turns out as well as mine did.

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Alright, well I know that it may not be the same thing for everyone, but this is what I've found.

The biggest thing for me to learn was torso, shoulder, neck, head, and jaw placement to allow a burp through. I have to be at least sitting up straight or leaning forward slightly is even better. Can't do it while sitting back. I have to push my shoulders straight back, the further the better. And then I have to push my head forward and then chin down. At first it helped me to turn my head left to right while my chin was down and head out. It also helps open my throat if I open my mouth slightly and push my jaw forward, like giving myself an under bite. Regarding throat muscles and relaxation, I've found that the only thing that I was familiar with that is similar to "opening my throat" would be a yawn. So if I position myself in the way specified above, and then make myself yawn, the first part of the yawn (before it takes over and you feel like you have to yawn) is when I will burp.

It took me probably 3 months to realize that full list of motions after I started getting a little bit of control. As odd as it all sounds if I have even one of those incorrect, I usually can't burp, or the burp is miserably small and useless.

This only works for me when I need to burp. I can't burp on command, but if I've just drank half of a Mountain Dew and feel like I need to burp, I simply make sure to be sitting/standing up or leaning forward slightly, push my shoulders back, touch my chin to my chest, and then right when I feel like it should be hitting my throat, I push my head forward (while still keeping my chin down), open my mouth slightly and push my jaw out and start the yawn feeling in my throat. Once I got the hang of it, I learned that by having breathed some air into my diaphragm, I could push out a larger burp by using that air in my diaphragm to push on the burp. I didn't learn that until I got the hang of smaller burps.

I don't know if this is common with others or not, but I've got a bit of an overbite and some sinus problems. For as long as I can remember I've gotten phlegm stuck in my throat and have to spit it out... and the more stuff in my throat, the less likely I am to be able to burp as well.

Hope this is something that can be helpful. I'd like to know if it is. Keep me posted.


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