Thyroid and Slimquick

I read on the reviews for Slimquick that you should not take it if you have thyroid disease, but it says that on practically all medicine and supplements. Has anyone had success using this product with thyroid disease or does anyone have any stories to tell about it???

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I have to be very careful taking any kind of weightloss supplement because of my thyroid. It's not necessarily too dangerous, but it will mess up your thyroid count which in turn messes up your medication. The Slimquick will probably send you into hyperthyroidism and you'll feel like your constantly running a marathon. If you don't mind the feeling of running on high than I would give it a try to see if it will help with your diet.

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Thanks Carabon. I have my thyroid levels checked every 6 weeks so if I try it then Im sure they will be able to adjust my meds accordingly!

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