With rods and screws in my lower back; what kind of exercises can i do to help me loose weight? I need help badly. I am at 260lbs. I know that it is not good to be this heavy and i want to try for another baby.

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I'm guessing with screws and rods you don't have much mobility in your lower back? I have a fusion of my spine in my lower back so I have trouble twisting and my muscles are weak.
I like the elliptical because that isn't all that hard on my back. I'm also doing Pilates which strengthens the core muscles which usually helps with my back. It's been more sore lately, but I think it's because it has been really damp and cold here.
Start off slowly until you know what exercises your back will tolerate. If you over do it, you're going to be taking steps backward. I'm speaking from experience. First time on a tread mill put me into physical therapy again for weeks.
It's going to be slow, but you'll see progress.

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I am in the same position. I have had several fusions, and also have the rods and screws in my back. Right now, as I am just beginning my weight loss journey.... I am finding that just plain old walking works wonders. (my DOG loves the fact that we are out there every day too ! ) By cutting way back on those things that we all know we shouldn't eat... and walking every day.... I have lost 15 lbs in about 2 1/2 months. I am getting ready now to join my local Y, and was happy to read about the eliptical. Think that will be my first machine to conquer !

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my husband also has rods in his back and we joined our local y and he used the elliptical also and does weight training and that seems to be helpful for him.

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If you have a pool in your local area consider swimming and working out in the water. Deep water aerobics is great cause it allows your back to stretch out (feet not on bottom) and you get a good workout too.

Beware the treadmill!

I have heard the elliptical is good as others have said.

Maybe try the recumbant bike and see how that sits with your back.


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hi richies, i know how you feel. i have rod and screws in my leg. it can be frustrating trying to lose weight . but it's doable, just take more time than usual. after 1& half of breaking my tibia/fibia. i'm still in pain, but i try to keep going. so may GOD bless you& don't give up...LUCY

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