My workout for an 43 year old male

I exercise 6 days a week with 3 of those days with my personal trainer. The other three days I work out on my own and do a full body workout. I incorporate cardio everyday that I workout after I finish my weightlifting either with my trainer or by myself.

I have an heart rate monitor that takes into account my, age, weight, I then load manually my maximum heart rate and resting heart. In addition I am able to load manually my VO2, using the results of my examination at a local university.

I have been averaging over 1100 calories burned after each workout session. On Monday I workout with my trainer for 50 minutes then 10 minutes later I am taking an Indoor Cycle Class. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I workout for 50 minutes on day on my own the the other day with my trainer. After I am done weightlifting, I would go on the elliptical for about 35 minutes. Thursday and Saturday I would do my own full body workout then take an 55 minute indoor cycle class.

When I leave the gym I buy a bottle of Pure Protein with 50 grams of protein. Then when I get home after I take a shower then I would have a bake potato, no salt, no butter, with only salsa on top (homemade.)

My problem is what to eat and how soon and when to stop eating good carbs like whole wheat and baked potatoes.

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You've got a really good routine it sounds like. I don't know why your trainer can't advise you on your nutrition, but in my opinion I wouldn't worry about when to stop eating good carbs. Good carbs are just that... good!

I had a trainer before, but not now, and he gave me good food diet advice. But now I use a website called I'm older than you and the site is supposed to be for people over 50, but I doubt they care who visits. they've got some good tips on nutrition and exercise and a couple of good calculators too. hope this helps.


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Many Thanks, Sir.

M Puga

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