Is overeating an addiction or a coping mechanism?

Is over-eating an addiction or a coping mechanism?

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I may not be the best person to give anyone advice, but this is what I believe. Addictions to any substance IS a coping mechanism. We've learned somewhere along the line that food makes us feel better emotionally when what we really needed was a hug and some supportive words . Being in the same bad emotionally deprived enviornment for many days, months, or years is how we learned to make up for the lack of closeness in those situations. It's a habit and it's an addiction that we don't even realize fully how to stop it. Eating is one of the basic needs we humans have for survival. I am learning that portion control is a good place to start to undo some of the damage of the past. I also think that exercise is a heavy weight buster against food addictions. With both, you can't lose!!!!! Good luck and e-mail on this site discussion if you need to talk more.

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I always looked at my overeating as an addiction. Quitting smoking was easy, compared with backing off the munching. Then I read a book about ADD and found that my eating was based on my feelings of aimlessness. All these years, I've just munched because I couldn't figure out WHAT to do at certain time. It was like an "um" in a discussion...just a filler until I figured out what to do. It was a break, like the cigarette used to be! I still have not begun to counter-attack this issue, but I'm working on it everyday. My mind is whirling constantly and this was something to do to focus on for a minute or five. It was such an "ah-ha!" moment for me when I identified the "why" of my I need to work on a new coping mechanism! LOL

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