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I recently had my gallbladder removed, and was diagnosed as having high blood pressure and arthritis in my neck. I'm too young to be falling apart the way I am, so it's now or never. Gotta get on track for good! I know all the right things to do yet I just cannot seem to stick with it. I need some serious emotional support through this, and not just a "well, if that's what you want to do dear". My question is this: What is the appropriate "diet" for someone who's had their gallbladder removed? I know what a proper diet is for the average person, but not for who I am now. Help?

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I also had my gallbladder out (Oct) and since I am older, it has taken my body quite some time to adjust...I kept asking, "OK now what kind of diet to I need to be on?" only to be told you can eat anything you want, just cut back on fast foods, fatty & spicy foods etc., etc.

Please can someone help us out.... I am the type who needs specifics..

.I know it is frustrating, but the good news is that you say you are young....It is VERY WISE to be working on this now. I know basically what to do too, but time keeps on going....Remember it is a good time to start, and with medical issues, for you it is urgent....Life keeps going on regardless, it is up to us to make it the best we can....

Hang in there...

Something you might want to try.... Make good friends with your pharmacist....if you are on multiple meds, they can be effected by diet, and believe it or not, the pharmacist often has really good info about what to eat so medications efficacy are not diminished....

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I also had my gall bladder removed about 4 years ago. If you get any type of response to this post please let me know as I too have high blood pressure and don't know the specifics on changing my diet besides eating healthier?

The good thing is though it has been a little over 4 years and I have not had any problems eating anything. I still eat the sweet, the salty, and the spicy. I've only experienced a few times of discomfort after eating a meal very high in fat (chicken alfredo). Of course 4 years isn't telling of long term eating habits, but at least you don't need to be afraid of eating anything.

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I had my gallbladder removed a year and a half ago at age 26. I think you should feel confident that a regular, healthy, balanced diet will be right for you, too. I find that having my gallbladder out is an incentive to avoid high-fat foods, which upset my stomach considerably now. This may be a combination of no gallbladder and avoiding these foods for almost 2 years now.

I think I know how you feel when you say you're too young to be falling apart. Recently, I have had to see a pulmonologist for strange breathing difficulties I've had (not asthma), and I'm wondering how a 27 year old can have so many problems? But, I am trying to think positively of how I can change my situation. I'm taking up yoga as of next week to see if it will help my breathing techniques. I'm not a doctor, but would yoga or Pilates help your neck?

Good luck to you! Don't let anything get in the way of living a healthy lifestyle.

And Happy New Year!


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This reply is actually for all three of you. THANK YOU for responding. I hate to feel alone, and since my husband doesn't really support the whole weight loss thing, it's nice to know that others are going through the gallbladder thing as well. Not that I thought I was really the only one...well, you know what I mean!

I am only 32 and I've recently (past 12 months) had the gallbladder surgery, appendix removed, hysterectomy (to include the cervix and one ovary), diagnosed with arthritis in my neck, hypothyroid, and high blood pressure. Also still recovering from a very recent shoulder injury (not serious). For the love of Pete can I just have a break??? lol

My doc suggested lowering my salt intake, losing weight, and reducing stress. Easier said than done. He says that strength training should help with the neck issue, and also it should give me more energy. I'll believe it when I see it! I just want things to go smoothly for a little while. I'm hoping that the eight week Bally's trial will be just the push I need to get going on living a healthy lifestyle. My mother just told me that she is pre-diabetic and that EVERYONE in her family is diabetic. Perfect. Now how am I supposed to reduce my stress with all this crap happening to me? Does anyone truly believe that exercise helps to reduce stress? I've heard that from so many, but does anyone know from experience? I would love to keep this thread/discussion alive and do a "weekly weigh in" with anyone interested. Who's in???

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Okay, so first, yes, my next weigh-in will be Monday. Would be happy to have someone (or a lot of someones) to share the hoorays and the oopses with! Hopefully more hoorays though, since my goal is to weigh 150 by the end of March!

My gallbladder and I had a parting of the ways in 1992. For the last 15 1/4 years, I have learned how to deal with that. There is no "special diet" for not having a gallbladder. But if you research the way it works, it will help you understand a few things about digestion of certain kinds of food. I learned I can't stuff myself on pizza like I used to (a plus, for sure!) - about 2 pieces is the max or I feel kind of queasy. If I do overdo it on anything really greasy (like sausage gravy & biscuits), I generally get queasy. I feel best on a diet that is lower in fats and containing natural sugars (or Splenda). I have never had a problem with super-spicy foods unless I eat them really late -- then it's heartburn city! Have you ever read about The Zone? That's kind of how I eat...not all the time, but basically 1 part meat to 2 parts vegetables. I don't eat lots of bread, as you too may find that gluten in it can cause bloating. Oatmeal, oatbread (not the kind with wheat flour in it)...even rice-based foods are better than wheat-based anything. Also, try Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar diet...but never try a real "diet" diet -- that is, one that deprives you of too many calories. Keep the protein in - it helps you strengthen muscles as you exercise to lose weight....and it keeps you fuller longer.

As for the hypothyroidism, what do you take for it? I started on a T3/T4 compound (natural) about 3 years ago. I went from feeling about 80 years old to feeling more like 40 (which is pretty good since I'm in my 40's). I'm maintaining at 120 mg. daily, taken each morning, one hour before any coffee or food or anything...and always taken alone - never with other meds (not that I'm on any) or vitamins. This is how this hormone works best. I also went from 199 to 153 over 3 1/2 years without any effort at all really...just a few minor lifestyle modifications. (Unfortunately, I got married in Feb. this year so I'm up to 168 now.) Hmm...maybe I shouldn't say it's unfortunate that I got married - just an unfortunate side effect of marriage can be weight gain.

I could write a book on the right way to eat, the right way to exercise..ah yes, I am full of all that wonderful knowledge. But I think I'd need to read and follow my own book then... ;-)

We can do this -- don't give up like a lot of people tend to do as the end of January comes along... stick with it. We are worth it!!!


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You sound so much like me...maybe 'cause we're both Paula? lol

I take levothyroxin/synthroid, I think it's only 75mcg. My thyroid isn't super low, just fairly slow. I've been stuck at 150--ish for about a year and a half or so and it's really disheartening when your husband says "I like you fat. That way I know I have you all to myself". Well, you can imagine what I called him!

I'm glad to know that there will be someone to weigh in with. We can reassure each other that one slip (or a couple of slips) here and there is NOT going to keep us from reaching our goals! Positive thinking. That'll help us all.

I'm kind of busy with school and kids, but I'll definately check back in on Monday and post my weight and my "diet" slips and victories.

Take care!

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Are you sure you're not me? I'm in school too. I work full-time (and many hours), but hey, at least my kids are grown and married. My thyroid doesn't make the T3 hormone, which is why I was so tired my whole life. It took over 40 years before I found out. My husband is very supportive - he doesn't care if I'm plump in the middle or not, but he's also fine if I lose some weight. He wants to lose some too, since we both gained it after we got married in February '07. (Pretty much a pound-for-pound match!) I will be weighing in every Monday. Should we set up a separate forum for weigh-ins? I'm not real bright about discussion boards on websites and how to find various threads, so something easy would be good.

By the way, yesterday I dragged my husband to work with me to help me out. We were there all day without eating, except I did have some oatmeal w/blueberries once I got to work. But by 5:15 PM, we could have eaten my desk, so we went to Rally's. That was not good. I got a TRIPLE cheeseburger, their greasy spicy fries, and a large regular Coke! That was after having been "good" all week. Of course, I paid the price of nausea later because of all that grease, but to think of how many fat grams and calories I put in for that meal -- oh well, pick up and go on! I still feel kind of sick this morning. I hadn't eaten Rally's in so long - probably last summer - can't remember. Now I remember why. Tasty, yes...greasy...YES!!!

The scales will tell all tomorrow...::sigh::

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