does colonoscopy prep make you drop a few pounds.

I just wanted to know if preping for colonoscopy makesyou loose a pound or few. I am doing one right now never done it before. has anyone out there tried it before. because you do not eat solid food the day before, only liquid diet you are to consume. If anyone has tried it before please give me some insight. I would love to hear from you all.

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Are you prepping for the procedure or just trying the liquid day to lose weight? You should only do it if it's been prescribed by your doctor.

I've had the procedure twice. I think the first time I lost a pound or two, but it didn't stay off more than a few days. The second time I didn't lose anything.

Don't depend on one day of not having any food to lose weight. Even if you do lose any water weight from it, you will go back to your normal weight the next day when you start eating normal food again. It is not a healthy way to lose weight.

Good luck. I hope the results of your procedure are spotless. :)

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I am prepping for a test. it's not for weight loss. I just wanted to know a little about it. because I was told not to eat solid food only liquid. so I thought for a minute you will drop a pound or

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My ex had to go through this, and he was told only clear liquids/broth, nothing red, nothing dark. He had to do this also to prepare for a test/colonoscopy. He didn't lose any "weight", but towards to the end of the day prior to his test, it was mostly water. So if you did lose a lb or two, it very well may be mostly water weight. Good luck.

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Congrats on taking the test. You may lose a lb of water from the liquid diet , but you will not lose fat. You will most likely gain the lb back and then you will have the colonoscopy behind you and able to concentrate on your journey without that worry. Hope you get great results, I had one last year and was so happy to have that done, no more for 10 years!!!

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thanks for your reply. I had it done today. It's all behind my back. now I can move on with my weight loss program.

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