Does Coffee Make you gain weight???

I just had a nutritionist tell me that coffee, makes you gain weight. I can' t believe it... no way!!! Is this really true???

I only have one cup of coffee a day, in the morning. Just one. I don't want to give it up... *sigh*

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A plain 8 oz cup of coffee is only 9 calories, but I doubt that's what she meant. If you put cream and sugar in your coffee then it can really jump in calories. For example, I treated myself to the Dunkin Donuts Milky Way coffee. That little medium cup of coffee has 280 calories in it. So you just have to be careful what you put in your coffee. The below site shows you how much adding certain things to your coffee will cost. Over all I think people don't realize that they are ruining their diets by what they drink.

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What if you use a sweetner like Splenda wit you coffee? I can go with and non dairy cream, but i do need to have some sweetness in it.

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Plain coffee with Splenda and skim milk is less than 15 calories. Plain coffee is 5 calories (according to and an ounce of skim milk is 12.5...but I doubt you use an ounce, maybe half an ounce, so say roughly 6 you're at 11. Splenda is supposed to be calories free but let's say 1 calories from the Splenda, so you're looking at 12 calories. No big deal.

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No. She meant black (as I said) ... apparently, it's the caffeine.

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Actually you didn't say black. You just said coffee. Regardless I was inspired to do a little research to check it out. So I pasted what I found below. As far as not wanting to give up your coffee I would say don't give it up. If you're going to be totally miserable with out your coffee I would think it's not worth it. I mean if it's your only caffeine for the day I would think you'd be OK.

Good luck.

Coffee Triggers Food Cravings
Caffeine and other ingredients found in coffee, including decaffeinated coffee, have been shown to increase stress. Caffeine elevates the stress hormone, cortisol. This stress hormone creates an emergency “fight or flight” reaction in the body including increased heart rate, blood pressure, and a sense of “emergency alert”. This alerts the body to increase its energy stores which results in food cravings specifically for sweets. Limiting caffeine can help control food cravings throughout the day.

Caffeine Stimulates Appetite
Caffeine can trigger a condition called hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar with symptoms including dizziness and light-headedness. The body’s reaction to hypoglycemia results in food cravings and increased appetite. People often crave higher calorie foods resulting in increased caloric intake, further interfering with the body’s ability to maintain a healthy weight. The more caffeine you drink, the more you may feel that urge to eat. By limiting your caffeine intake, you can help take better control of your appetite.

Caffeine Increases Stress
Coffee and caffeine intake aggravate stress including physical, mental, and emotional stress. Additionally, caffeine has been found to interfere with our “feel good” brain messenger called GABA (Gamma-aminobutyric acid). This brain messenger plays an important role in mood and stress management. A lack of GABA can trigger stress or emotional eating, which leads to weight gain. How often have you grabbed a pint of ice cream or bag of cookies when feeling bad? Quitting caffeine can help you get a handle on emotional eating by reducing stress hormones and allowing GABA to do its job of making us feel better.

Stress Hormones Increase Body Fat
Studies show that prolonged elevated cortisol levels increase the deposit of fat in the deep belly area. Abdominal fat is associated with increased health risks like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Decreasing caffeine along with regular exercise are great steps you can take towards a firmer belly and healthier body.

Caffeine Increases Insulin Resistance
Research shows that caffeine contributes to insulin resistance, a condition that reduces the body’s ability to use insulin effectively. When our bodies’ become resistant to insulin, glucose and insulin build up in the blood, endangering our health and increasing our risk of developing Type II Diabetes. Drinking coffee can also cause insomnia and sleep deprivation, both of which have been found to increase insulin resistance. Kicking the caffeine habit can help to lower your risk of insulin resistance and help you to manage your weight more effectively.

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Coffee actually has been found to reduce chances of getting diabetes by up to 60%.

If you do not get jittery and it does not cause you to get hungry then what is the harm? Coffee is NOT going to make you fat! It is what you put into it. Just like potatoes are fine, but it is the butter, sour cream and bacon that is the killer! So, have your coffee for crying out loud! Just nix the full fat milk or (god forbid) cream and use sugar substitute. I use fat free half and half without oil. It has like 20 calories per 2 TB. I think they also make flavored creamers with no fat and low calories. I do not go for that, but I know they exist. Read the labels and get yourself some if that is your thing. You could also add cinnamon. Anyway, dieting leaves so few food pleasures and if you are not adversely effected by coffee, ignore the BS about it being caloric and just drink it.

Everything in moderation right????

Also, Grrr.... the post above me... she got her info from a site advertising "teeccino" which is a coffee alternative product site.


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I don't really believe your sources of information are viable either. It's not about what you put in it. From what you've said, I gather that you are one of those people who buy into the whole "fat makes you fat" nonsense that is being promoted as a health fact in America these days. The sour cream, butter, and bacon only make you fat because of the potato they are on, which is almost pure starch. Potatoes are some of the most potent foods capable of spiking blood sugar levels. The insulin response leads to rapid storage of the sugar as fat. This kind of thinking that "low fat is better" is what is causing the rise in obesity in America. Less fat means more sugars and starches to fill the void, and the result is rapid weight gain. Caffeine in coffee has been found to activate a release of sugars from the liver into the blood stream.

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Also, as an aside, consuming an adequate amount of fat, is not only helpful in satiating hunger for longer periods of time, but is a necessary component of weight loss and overall health.

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Wow wow wow.

Such hostility over a simple question I asked months ago. Who would ever have thought. Goodness.

First of all...

"From what you've said, I gather that you are one of those people who buy into the whole "fat makes you fat" nonsense that is being promoted as a health fact in America these days."

No. What you are "gathering" is wrong. I hardly said a word actually. So there was nothing to really "gather" off it. I don't buy into anything -- thus I asked a question. If I bought into it, I wouldn't even bother asking, I'd just go around whining about how much I missed my coffee.

Seriously... is there a logical reason for people to be so mean over a question about... coffee? Sad. Really sad.

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I didn't believe I was being mean, And my post was directed at the post above me, not you.

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I apologize if it came off as hostile, I am just frustrated with all the misinformation that is going around these days. Maybe I should have proofread my post, but I feel very strongly about correcting these misconceptions.

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I am not an expert on the area but do go to ww weekly.
Black coffee will not in itsself make you gain weight. It's what you put in it. It also triggers cravings and jitters for those that are sensitive to caffine. For some people it actually satisfies them and they eat less though you still need to be careful of the add ons.
As far as fats vs starches life is a balance. There are good fats and bad fats.. as there are good carbs vs bad carbs. What you need to do is pick the healthy ones in each group and balance your day out. To much of anything is not good for you..

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I was told that coffee slows down your metabolism.

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