Diabetic/ Coumadin Diet

I am the cook and caretaker for a 79 yr old Native American female who takes coumadin and is diabetic. She can still manage her diabetes through diet and I would like advice on creating meal plans/ shopping lists for her.

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Keep away from anything white..white bread, rice, potatoes, etc. They are starchy/carb and usually spike blood sugar, they do mine. Fresh veggies are good and low fat protein like chicken. My doc recommends no fruit before lunch, but that would be up to her doctor.

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Start searching the internet for lists of food that contain vitamin K. A list showing how much Vitamin K would be beneficial. Look for the foods that she eats often and then plan her meals around those foods. As for the diabetes, keep to the portions appropriate for blood sugar control.
I too am on Warfarin and am a diabetic. I stay away from foods that are high in Vit. K. (I really miss my peas!)
Besides the food, watch what medicines she takes while on Coumadin. Some medicines can mess up a good Protime. Make sure every doctor she sees is aware of the Coumadin.
I hope all things go well for the two of you.

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also do not eat grapefruit or drink the juice while on coumadin. this interferes with the cascade that coumadin works on. if you are a big on grapefruit, let your doc know so that they can adjust your dosage.

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