This is a hard diagonsis

well ive been sick since i can remembwer always having diarrhea and stomach pain and bloody stools but last october i was put in the hospital for uncontrolable vomiting. i ve been to tons of doctors tehy all having somehting different to say. well then i started throwing up blood . and then the only drug that seemed the help was predisone and they didnt know why lol. Come to find out my aunt has chrohns and her son has celiac . I have all the symptoms i cant eat certain foods or ill bein pain and have to go to the bathroom MIssed tons of school. so i was wondering after my colonoscope and if they can find anything obvious could this still be it because im to the point were its ruining my life .

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they can test you for celiac disease - I think it's a blood test.

Crohn's can't be ruled out even if, per their judgement, they do not come to this conclusion. Vomiting blood is serious and needs to be diagnosed/what is the cause?

Good luck.

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Hello Dillon08,

I went through the same symptoms as you except i did not throw up blood. I Couldnt eat and my stomach was always a mess, I ended up in the hospital in
august of 08' due to dehydration and i got to where I couldn't eat and I started having bloody stool. Anyway After that my Gastro doc did blood work to test me for crohns and to his suprise I came back positive. I had been treated for years for Irritable bowel but we didn't think I had this.
If I were you i would make sure you have a good gasto Doctor and get the blood test done. they can't tell just with a colonoscopy,because I had one too and they did not see the crohns. Throwing up blood could be serious,you are so young to have this going on, but if you were my child I would make sure that you are checked for everything. What Dr are you seeing now?
The prednisone helped me too, but I hated the weight gain. but it did help the constantly having to go to the bathroom. I am off the steroids as of today and i take Humira twice a month. I hope you get to a doc tht can get you some answers,just dont quit until you get a diagnosis, even if it mens going to a specialty hospital.
Let me know, Terri

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I was told to take a colestrol pill because if you are over 200, you are prone to heart disease, however, I just take fish oils, because I will be the healthest person living in a box, these meds area so costly.


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